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Located on the border of #China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Lugu Lake is steeped in legend. According to the Mosuo people who live on the lake's shore, Lugu Lake was created by the Goddess Gemu. When another god grew jealous of Gemu's romantic relationship with a boy from the village, he transformed both of them into mountains. The lake was formed by Gemu's tears of longing.

Learn more about Lugu Lake and the Mosuo people by clicking the link in our bio! #bbctravel 📷: Christopher Cherry

#FridayFeature! captured this gorgeous shot of worshipers participating in a ceremony for Eid at the Jama Masjid mosque in #Delhi, #India. Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating! #bbctravel

At an elevation of 4,166m, the Ki Monastery has a spectacular view of northern #India's remote Spiti Valley, where some of the country's oldest monasteries (as well as the world's highest post office) can be found. Read more about this beautiful place by clicking the link in our bio! #bbctravel
📷: @art.of.travelling

Anthony Bourdain, travel genius, chef and author, passed away today at 61. Last year, @bbc_travel had the chance to ask him the same question he asked President Obama during a famous episode of Parts Unknown – are we going to be ok? He answered: “I don’t know, I really don’t. Are any of us going to be OK? I hope so. Like I said before, we just did a show in Rome. Rome is still there. It still survives against all odds, it's still beautiful. You can still live a good life there. Hopefully we will endure. I do, on balance, have confidence in the human spirit to endure, if nothing else.” Your spirit will certainly endure.
#anthonybourdain #partsunknown

The “Valle dei Mulini,” or “Valley of Mills,” in #Sorrento, #Italy, offers a fascinating peek back in time to the region's medieval flour industry. Located along a stream at the bottom of a deep crevasse, the mills were constructed in the 13th Century and once processed various types of wheat needed by the Sorrentine people. #bbctravel

#FridayFeature! How charming is this little street? You'll find it in Chora, a town on the Greek island of #Mykonos. Thanks @takkeb for sharing your photo with us using #bbctravel!

How gorgeous is this view in #Bolivia? Fantastic capture @markharrison4! (H/T @discoversouthamerica for sharing it with us using #bbctravel!)

Bryce Canyon National Park in the US state of #Utah is famous for its dramatic hoodoos, or rock pillars formed over thousands of years of erosion. Lovely capture @patagoniatothenorthpole -- thanks for sharing it with us using #bbctravel!

#FridayFeature! Thanks @aaalbanese for sharing this beautiful photo of #NewZealand's Cable Bay using #bbctravel!

In the middle of the desert in #SaudiArabia, Madain Saleh may not be as famous as #Petra in #Jordan, but this city was crucial to the Nabatean civilisation. Read more about it by clicking the link in our bio!

Lovely photo @gabscanu! (H/T @living_destinations for sharing it with us using #bbctravel!)

The Southwark Cathedral is #London's oldest Gothic church, with its main structure dating back as far as the 13th Century. Beautiful capture @denis_pedrotti! Thanks for sharing using #bbctravel!

#FridayFeature! We love this snapshot of daily life in #Shanghai, #China. Beautiful capture @igobyjulian -- thanks for sharing using #bbctravel!

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