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⛩Shrine 2018⛩

It has been about a decade that I’ve been collecting this useless shit. I, along with @RyFuller and his complete deck lot, will have our collections on display at @Inferno__Show from Dec 2 through Dec 15th. Many thanks to everyone that has helped me amass this. To all that supported the site and allowed me to continue funding this senseless project, thank you. Thank you friends & exes for ordering me things just about every Thursday. To those strangers who went out of their way to buy things for me, thank you. To that 1 ugly fuck who called me a scammer (you look like a crossbreed between a platypus & my ugly thumb), thank you. Thank you to my trophy husband @cesarjcabrera for having run countless errands for me in 3 different countries. And you, @yotvsnaps, for taking this photo📸 #BazamnShrine

🏃🏻‍♂️Clout Chasing Fuckboy🎃

What real looks like @chrissyteigen @johnlegend

Best game on iPhone. @omy.jpg has me beat by a hundredth⏱

RIP Baby


⚪️2009 Malcolm McLaren Vans V-79⚪️ #BazamnsVans

🦌My Wives🦍

1989 G230 10 Year Anniversary Edition. Limited to 300 No.111

🌍Made in Bosnia & Herzegovina🇧🇦


☯️$25 each on☯️

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