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Bradley Bower 

Ellbell mumma bear and me on my bday ❤️️❤️️❤️️


Ellie b at sandy beach this morn :)



EB nov 2016

EB oct 2016 :)

I wrote a love letter to myself :) #7daysofsoul #day7 of this challenge is complete. No coffee for the week wasn't to bad I had a tea on some of the days. Limiting online consumption was super hard actually . I did the 30 mins on a couple days and went over by a little on the rest ;) will def be limiting screen time going forward . This challenge has really helped me get over a fear of expressing myself authentically online .All the fear was created in my own mind. It feels amazing to look at what scares you and to do it anyway. It frees you! I've realised over the last little while how serious I would take myself at times. Life really isn't that serious we are suppose to play and have fun. Follow our joy and be free :) thanks for the ❤️y'all 🙏❤️️✌️️👌👍😍

#day6 of #7daysofsoul was to do a random act of kindness. We paid for a couples bill @pressdubbo . "Giving" really is receiving . When we act from a place of fear it most often feels gross for all involved. When we surrender to a softer, more gentle place within us we feel free, uplifted and grateful. The more I allow myself to receive the gifts/beauty of life, the better I feel ❤️️✌️️

#day5 of #7daysofsoul challenge was to meditate in nature for 20mins. There are heaps of different techniques for med but one of the ways meditation is super powerful is that you see a lot clearer the games/stories the mind has running . Seeing what is really here has helped me spend more of my moments acting from a place of love rather than fear. I use to have a lot of anger inside me and would punch walls/doors as hard as I could and project this aggressive negative energy onto those around me in different ways . I use to get frustrated with Tanya's issues with her chronic anxiety as it brought up so much fear and confusion within myself I had not dealt with . I could barely see how much she was suffering as I was caught in my own web of fear. Yoga asana , breathing techniques and meditation are the most powerful tools I have come across in my life. I have been able to go from being scared/critical/ confused in situations where there has been fear(anxiety,sadness,anger) present to being much more present and aware which gives way for acceptance and compassion towards yourself and those around you . I would recommend looking into these practices they are life changing if done consistently . ❤️️✌️️🙏👌😍

#day4 #7daysofsoul challenge was 2 dance. I love dancing it makes me feel free and alive. Def doing it more now than ever before. It's a perfect form of meditation where u can just let go and enjoy your body in a fun way . Dance is powerful and beautiful I love it🙏✌️️❤️️

#day3 of #7daysofsoul challenge was to reach out and express gratitude to someone . I called my dads mum Charlene (grandma) and as I started to speak and share my feelings I realised how often in my past I had forgotten to express and be grateful for all the amazing things/people in my life. So thankyou to all my fam and friends for everything I love "you"! . The more and more I allow myself to be vulnerable and allow fear to rise and die within me the more connected to life I feel and it feels really amazing:) Grandma taught me how to play chess and monopoly and her and grandpa inspired me artistically and taught me to follow my joy :) Gratitude imo can be as simple as accepting the present moment just as it is . Thankyou thankyou for your kindness guidance and support 🙏🙏✌️️❤️️

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