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Grab your Early Bird ticket now! This year's TEDxUbud will take place at night at the incredible Mask and Puppet Museum in Ubud. Visit @tedxubud for more information. #makethelight #tedxubud2017 #balievents

Exercising my right, after years of being away from home. #pilkada2017 #exploretangerang #votingday

Are you keen to practice human-centered design approach to designing services? Jam with us at Bali Service Jam 2017!

This event is part of Global Service Jam that is happening concurrently all over the globe.
We have great mentors and facilitators lining up, so this is a great chance for you to learn, make new friends, and have fun over two full days workshop! Even better, it's in Bali!! Oh hurry up!

Limited seats! Register now by calling us!

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Here's from a barbershop nearby my kid's school. Never really paid attention until I noticed the tagline.

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Finally! Our car reached an important milestone of passing its first 50.000 Km. Had we still living in Bali, we wouldn't reach this moment until early 2019, as back then we traveled about just 8.000 Km/year. Here in Jakarta the distance whoops into almost 20.000 Km/year.

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Masih ada waktu hingga jam 12 siang hari Senin 23 Januari 2017 untuk mengikuti promo #SuperDealsOLX!

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Masih ada waktu! Buat yang belum ikutan, masih ada waktu hingga jam 12 siang hari Senin 23 Januari 2017 untuk mengikuti promo #SuperDealsOLX dan dapatkan aneka produk menarik hanya dengan harga 10%nya saja!

Keterangan lengkap silakan click link di profile.

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When sign board tricks customers instead of informing them. That "Emergency Walk In" leads to a closed entrance, while the actual entrance is hidden at the left-end recessed space. "We don't open it during the day sir" the security guard remarked. As if emergency patients have time to figure this out.

Information systems should offers clarity, and immediate understanding as some users don't have the luxury of exploring alternative journeys, nor making mistakes, especially when time is a critical concern.

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Welcome to regular workdays! #worklife #macet #jakarta #holidayisover

Lunch time surprise! Infused water are believed to carry healing features. For me? I just loved the subtle refreshing taste! #lifeatolx #worklife #olxindonesia #teamolx #lunchatwork #infusedwater

After years of wearing only half-frames.

Determining what's what. After the joy of eating in Padang Restaurant style, where everything is served on your table and you pay only for what you eat, one uncomfortable experience awaits: the calculation of the bill.

This happens especially during group eating when it's impractical to ask everyone what they eat. What usually happens is the restaurant then take a rather wild guess of what's being consumed, based on the emptied plates, which looks similar one to another.

As the result the bill has a huge probability of miscalculation, up to 10-15% over estimation, sometimes even more. There's a case when costumer is billed for 144 pudding while the actual consumption is 14.

From UX standpoint the issue here arises from lack of proper tracking, records and transparency, and it has the potential to hurt the restaurant's trustworthiness.

One way to solve this issue is by mimicking what conveyor belt sushi parlor is doing: apply a color coded plate where the item price are reflected in the plate's color.

This way while manual labor is still required to calculate the bill, accuracy and transparency will be greatly improved. Not to mention the food presentation will be more impressive with the variety of colors.

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