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C C Sivko Wallace  Salt Lake City, Utah Live. πŸ˜† Love. 😘 Hike. πŸŒ„ Passionate about health, fitness & the outdoors. πŸ’ͺ🌲🍎🌈 Also cats.😺😽😻 Lisfranc Injury Expert β™Ώ

Weddings always bring families together. Cuca and Nate have been inseparable as siblings in their younger years, and as BFFs as adults. Nate wore his special custom made kilt, sewn in the wool mills of Scotland to celebrate the marriage of his dear niece Abby @abigail.ander and the newest member of the Wallace clan - Nate. Yep, another Nate πŸ˜‚
But these two.... @jforbes77 and @nwallace6988... have my heart in a million different ways. And they're still there for each other every single day since 1983. I don't know what I'd do without either of them in my life. Beautiful and gorgeous inside and out πŸ˜˜πŸ’– Cheers! 🍻

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Jane Says: Look here, Mom and Nate, I got this!

Jane, in her pink scrubs leads her bff, Clara around the Primary Children's Surgical Unit like a pro. Clara, having quite enough of these hospital gowns, lets her bum fly freely in true Wallace fashion. #freeeeedom
#janestagram #claraandjane #letsblowthisjoint #pcmc #primarychildrenshospital #22q#22q11 #22qawareness #digeorgesyndrome #truncusarteriosus #sunsoutbumsout #alltheloldolls #heartsurgeryrecovery
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My precious niece Clara resting after her 2nd heart surgery, just 6 years into her little life. She looks so peaceful and sweet here. But under the surface, her heart is working so hard at healing, after her "upgraded" pulmonary artery. I know the next couple of days in recovery will probably be rough for her, and she is one hell of a fighter. Every fighter has a coach in their corner, and there are no two better than Sarah Connor-style super Mom @jforbes77 and kick ass Daddy Deathstroke @sharkdaevil Seriously love this Forbes family with all my heart, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health..... #Clara #22q #22q11 #22q11deletionsyndrome #22qawareness #chd #chdawareness #truncusarteriosus #primarychildrenshospital #icu #clarasheart #claraisaloverandafighter #openheartsurgery Your Aunt CC and Uncle Nate @nwallace6988 love you baby girl, you got this!!!

We've left our cookies out for Captain America under the flag and are anxiously awaiting our gifts in the morning! We have been so good this year Cap! I know you have a lot of things taking up your time like that bad guy Thanos that has some sorta fancy gems, but it would mean so much for us to get a visit from you. I know you can't resist some girl scout cookies and milk eh? #captainamerica #3rdofjuly #4thofjuly #milkandcookies #girlscoutcookiesandmilk #presentsplz #wecanfightthanoswithyou #ohsnap #fanx18 @fanxsaltlake πŸ“· : @nwallace6988 @geekshowpodcast
art: @jennyparksillus

Having Alexa is super convenient when you are too tired and incoherent after a long night to be able to order an ice cream scoop online. Luckily, she is great at setting reminders, but also she takes down verbatim what I say:
Me: Alexa I need a reminder tomorrow to buy an ice cream scoop.
Alexa: Ok, what time would you like me to set the reminder?
Me: Noon
Alexa: Ok, what is this reminder for?
Me: *super sarcastically* Uh, to buy an ice cream scoop?! Today at noon, Alexa starts blaring and announcing: Its time to "uh buy ice cream scoop" over and over, until I dismissed it.
She's trolling me.
#alexacanbearealbitchsometimes #alexathetroll #natebrokemyicecreamscoopwithhisgiantbiceps #latenighticecream @nwallace6988

Pedicure date with @nwallace6988! I wouldn't let anyone but Nate near my foot for about 2 years after my #lisfrancinjury. But, once I started getting pedicures again, I couldn't stop, especially after discovering gel polish πŸ’…. We went to my usual salon, and picking out a color takes the longest, of course. And as if 400+ colors weren't enough to choose from, there was a new card on the sample wheel called The Cat Eye collection. It was shiny and beautiful and sparkly and was kitty 😺 so um I had to get it. This color is called Feral. No fancy lighting or filters, it is magnetic polish! So, after my toes were painted with the color and set with the UV lamp, they used a magnetic stick to make the swirl design. It was like magic, but with sparkles ✨ and kitties 😺 and science! πŸ”­ I just thought it was a cool color, not that science would be performed. It was awesome and πŸ’― πŸ’― ✨🐱🐯🦁 I am so happy with this color!! I didn't have time for a Mani but will be going back and trying another one of the colors! #nails4u #gelpolish #cateyenails #pedi #pedicure #pedicuresandscience #sparkles #toes #lisfrancscar #prettykittytoes #myowntoebeans

I wish people would just stop being assholes, especially my fellow Star Wars fans! I am proud to say I am not one of "those fans". She didn't want to start social media because she was afraid of being picked apart, but she did it anyway. And, as predicted, the assholes won, racist misogynist assholes berated this woman and picked her apart because she was a character you didn't like in "your" movie. And they attacked her race. Because every character in every movie is awesome and critical to the plot. I'm glad social media wasn't around when Jar Jar took the screen. I liked her character. I like what they are doing with the franchise. I would literally take any part in Star Wars, let alone being the first Asian American woman being the first to represent in the franchise, which she took with such pride. Sometimes, though, I'm ashamed to be lumped in with the fan base. @kellymarietran #kellymarietran #imwithkelly @geekshowpodcast #comebackkelly #starwars #thelastjedi #youarebeautiful #asianamericanwomen #sincewhendidstarwarsbecomethis #rosetico #justbeafan

Holy hail. What the hail. Intense storm today! #hail #utahweather #thunderstorm

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