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Bayer  Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture.

Stroke effects more than 17 million people worldwide each year. 85% of people who have a #stroke experience an ischaemic stroke — a result of a #blood #clot blocking the blood supply to the #brain. Learn the causes of stroke to fight back against this serious medical emergency. #Bayer #strokeawareness #strokeprevention

Peruvian #farmers rely on ancient #farming techniques to sustain their #farms. Pirkas, uncemented stone walls, help to support the earth, prevent landslides and capture rainfall. #Bayer #cropscience #Peru #ColcaCanyon

To grow #grapes in the Canary Islands, #farmers go to extreme measures. Small semi-circles of volcanic stone, called Zocos, provide much needed protection from the sometimes fierce winds, allowing the vines to blossom. #Bayer #extremefarming #cropscience #CanaryIslands #Lanzarote

From potatoes and tomatoes to peppers and grapes, nematodes are the cause of up to 50% of these #crop losses worldwide. Scientists have developed a means to not only control the #nematode infestation in the short term, but also to maintain healthy, active roots in the long term. #Bayer #cropscience #farming

It’s all about business matchmaking – during the next two days Bayer is paticipating at #CUBETechFair, where corporations and startups meet to connect. By following our stories you are part of it and get impressions how #TeamBayer experiences the event. #TeamBayer

Ever heard of dry farming? Israeli farmers till the land at just the right time to seal the moist winter subsoil under a layer of dry topsoil. This way they can grow tomatoes, melons, squash and even grapes on these arid plains. #extremfarming #cropscience

High up in the South American Andes, the thin air can leave people gasping. Plants, too, need oxygen. Yet one species, survives and thrives despite severe temperature swings, nearly no rain and saline soil. Quinoa florishes on the high plains of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. #extremfarming #cropscience

In the fight against #prostate cancer, #Bayer #scientist Bernard Haendler hopes to block androgen action and create a specific #cancer therapy that leaves healthy cells largely untouched. #cancerresearch

Faced with a lack of arable land, the Intha people at Inle Lake in Myanmar, came up with a suprising solution. By compressing water hyacinths, they build mats one-meter thick to cultivate vegetables. Floating on the nutrient-rich water, they grow tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and gourds. #extremfarming #cropscience

In Iceland's cold, dark winter, there are only four hours of daylight. But with geothermal power, a natural energy source, Icelandic farmers manage to produce a variety of crops, including tomatoes, cucumbers and flowers. #extremfarming #cropscience

For small #farmers like Nihat Yildirim, a #nematode infestation can rapidly threaten one’s economic existence. Thanks to a new #Bayer product called Velum™, farmers are gaining hope in the battle against these parasites. #cropscience #farming

Principal #scientist Johannes Jansen believes knowledge is more precious than anything else. That’s why he’s made it his mission to spread the word about #science–and improve communication structures with the scientific world. #Bayer

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