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Dear followers: Thank you for the 3+ years you have been following this account. It’s been a lot of fun sharing photos with you all this time, but it’s time for me to retire and to pass this account on to a new owner.
He is the real life owner of BAWSS Fabrication, a performance shop in Arizona, and i’m sure he will soon introduce himself. His photo shows you some of the work he does. It's pretty cool seeing the BAWSS name on hardware like this! For those of you with whom I have personally corresponded with these last few years, I will still be on Instagram on my personal account @theonegodfather but I will no longer respond on the @bawss_com account.

Thanks again for the good times that we all had here. May the hashtag #BAWSS live long and prosper, and thank you all again for your loyalty!

Cheers! -The Godfather

And now to clean your eyes given the previous post, @bc's epic CLK-GTR! Photo by @iamted7#BAWSS#CLKGTR

Photo submitted to us by @karanrkadam. That poor #W220....I mean #W140 lol

Is bigger better? • #BAWSS

When the mind of @the_kyza imagined a #RauhWeltBegriff with #JohnPlayerSpecial livery, this happened! • #BAWSS#RWB @rwb_losangeles #idlers #bawse

Got rice? #Mansory #S63 #AMG#BAWSS

This @bmw #i8 digital creation by the incredible @the_kyza is absolutely jaw dropping! • #BAWSS #BMWi8 #ArtStation

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