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Christy Baugh Duggan  I'm a baughss. I'm baughssy.

No other way I’d rather spend this day. 💕 #francinebea

A few of Fran’s looks I’ve been into lately. #francinebea

Easter was a success. Thanks for a good time, Gram! #francinebea (And thanks for the dress from Mexico, @ohohdonna_o + @bryan.costello !!)

I love this crusty bunny. She’s been killing me (in the best way) with her demand to be outside, her concentration tongue and new teeth smile, her ever-growing cuddliness, and her love for her best pal, Dot. Oh, and her undeterred desire to put Dottie’s ball in her mouth. 😖

😘😘 #francinebea

Fun pants, cuz Wednesday. #francinebea

Killing me this morning. #francinebea

This might be Fran’s first actual taste of snow. 😋❄️ She wasn’t sold... #francinebea

For reasons planned and unplanned, Fran has spent the week after Christmas with her Gram. It’s only been 3.5 days without her, but I cannot wait to bury my nose in her sweet neck and pick all those crusty boogers in a couple hours. Her Gram is easily her favorite person when she’s around, so naturally Fran has been in heaven, and probably hasn’t even noticed Bryan and I aren’t around. We also had to keep reminding ourselves she wasn’t asleep in the other room and the radio/tv volume could actually be at a listenable level. We weren’t as productive as we imagined we could be, and never actually made it out to Star Wars, but that’s okay. Feeling super grateful for having loving family so close. Thanks for everything, @duggan.jill 🖤🖤🖤 #francinebea

Might watch all day... #francinebea

Frandy Warhol, Halloween 2017 👓📷 (And a daytime skeleton.) Despite how stoked Fran looks in these photos, she actually had a pretty fun night walking up and down a bunch of steps and hanging with Maya, Milo, and Greta!

Three generations checking out Baltimore on a gorgeous Fall day last week. So lucky Fran has her Gram as a travel bud. 🤗

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