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You and I both know how integral braking is to success in competitive driving. The ability to slow down your car in a shorter distance means more time on throttle and ultimately a faster lap time. Our go-to pads on all of our track cars have been Project Mu Club Racer CR09s. We can honestly say that we've tested every commercially available pad out there and the CR09s provided the best balance for us. There are many pads out there that are absolutely amazing in one or two factors, but we have yet to find another pad that suits all of our needs as well as these. The outright stopping power is excellent, they work well cold - which is huge for a street driven car, they manage heat very well and because of this - last an impressively long time. We've done 40+ track days over the course of a year on one set (99 Civic Sedan/B series/NA/Street Tire), and they actually had some life left in them when we tore the car down at the end of the season. As an added bonus, they dust significantly less than most other street/race pad. This set is going on our friend @justin__yoo 's S2000 but check out the full application list on our website and try them for yourself - we are confident that you will be more than satisfied.

Excited to announce we'll be partnering with @that911, of Marvelous Tune, again on another one of his many projects. This time we take his newly acquired DC2 practice car and completely revamp it to ensure it looks the part to match our team style. Who cares if it doesn't have VTEC, with Amir behind the wheel, and looks as good as his, this Integra will be sure to turn heads as well as lap times. Come see the final product May 7th @eibachmeet !

Elegance and fluid design, with racing in mind. #BattleCraft 📸:@cullencheung

Part 1 of the Marvelous Tune NSX build is up on @stickydiljoe .com! Join us as we team up with @that911 and assist him with his turbo K series swap and create the ultimate lightweight power package!

Congrats to these tire tucking stylish boys for taking 2nd place finishes in Group N1 and N2 @vtecclubusa yesterday! #BattleCraft

Amazing weather today at @vtecclubusa Rd.2 CVR! @dpk_los' CRX always looking its best.

Vtec Club Rd.2 at Chuckwalla is less than a week away! This will probably be the last time our #N2DC2 demo car will be competing. Part out list to follow... 📸:@battledriven #BattleCraft

Canned coffee - imported. Hyper Teardrop - Made in USA. #BattleCraft 📸:@therobbiestark

When it comes to suspension tuning, there are as many spring choices out there as there are dampers. There are many variables when choosing the best option for your application, but for us it usually comes down to three options. Swift, Hyperco and Tanabe. The Hyperco and Tanabe coilover springs show very similar attributes, reaching the linear "peak" rate very quickly and staying there throughout the stroke range. Swift springs exhibit a slightly more gentle transition from zero compression to the same rate and also stays very true to the rate throughout the stroke range. Although all three are definitely an upgrade from the "good enough" springs that are included with most coilovers, our personal choice is usually Swift for combined street and track use on bumpy Southern California roads and tracks. See the full range of available rates and sizes on our site! #battlecraft

We don't just make parts here at BattleCraft, we also take pride in providing our awesome customers with high quality parts for their cars. Check out our website for a full list of what we carry, and if you don't see what you need - just shoot us an email or give us a call, we will be happy to help!

Each Hyper Teardrop starts life as an 6061 aluminum billet. It is then turned down into the teardrop shape, designed to fit perfectly in the human hand. Much like Snapple our shift knobs are made of the best stuff on earth, but the similarities don't end there - we also believe that a Venus flytrap can eat an entire cheeseburger. (Snapple "Real Fact" #880)

Valve cover making for friends @exceed_japan! (^__^)v #battlecraft Note: Custom fabrication currently not available for public services.

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