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Sean 林信鸿  @MOJO.SG |Best New Restaurant 2017| @_Fundnel_ @Sparrowexchange @Lakupon @Reignbeauvisuals Deals & Investments: BBM: Seanlim

What’s life without forward momentum above all things? Seek, explore & reap.

The food business is a tough one, tougher here in +65. Unbalanced risks and rewards, mad rentals and manpower woes. As owners we strive to create fun, growth and sustainability against all odds. No cloak-and-dagger, just numbers. Unequivocally satisfying despite all hurdles. Seen & explored the food scene. What’s next?

400 attendees, 7000 canapés. was the exclusive provider for @lamborghini Singapore’s grand opening at @eurosportsglobal It was good fun conceptualizing and cooking alongside a great team. Thankful as always. ✨

The fools we meet but don’t see, the gold we seek but don’t need.

Twelve years later and turning 28, I count my blessings. Always so thankful for the greats around me, the believers and confidantes. Occasionally dyspeptic and hard to deal with, it takes much patience to be around me. I’m glad in these twelve years, it is coming full circle and I’ve realized the real around me. It has been a really crazy ride. From getting bullied in school, to bad results, to being a top student, restaurant(s), invested my first dollar in new markets- hasn’t been easy. But still grateful. 🙏🏼. Bless up.

You know I like them buns. Thank you @straitstimesfood @straits_times for the great article and fat face! Enjoy executing my favorite kong bak bao recipe! Thankful everyday for the great team I have, stellar management team and committed operations boys. Despite shortcomings, we’ve grown and pivoted as one. Bless up! ✨

8 years ago on this day, team & I represented @temasekpoly in defending our title for Best Dream Team. We nailed it- Gold & Overall Asia’s Champion, again.

I hate losing so I’d just keep the wins coming. Put in the hours, hard work, dedication and pray for luck. 8 years later, I’m still at it. Don’t ignore that quiet voice inside, if you want something, go crush it.

Watching @chefstablenetflix gets me rather emotional reminiscing my early days as a cook/chef. 18 then, I was a ball of energy, optimism, untainted by the adult life, money, commitments and responsibilities in general. I stayed up reading & preparing packed meals for the next day when meal prep wasn’t cool yet- I was simply fucking broke. Working with no salary but it brought so much pleasure. Tasting my first truffle, cooking my first foie gras, killing my first lobster, slicing off the first tip of my finger. If money was no object, I’d do it all over again. Best days.

Came across this: 3 Michelin Stars, many cuts & burns later, here I am.
I was 19 then, the youngest employee in the establishment working for @guysavoy’s opening team. 14 hours a day, $1K monthly pay cheques and hungry to learn more, those were the best days as a budding chef in my formative years. Food and cooking have been and will always be my space for peace and happiness albeit some irritation when working with fools & dickheads. Patience, grit and dexterity are simple ingredients for success, yet complex to master. Money is necessary for driving passion, so seek balance & hang tight. Bless up!

Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men. & money is always made between the lines. ⚡️

Three more quarters and it’s another year done. Make 2018 the year of greatness, no less. Why mundanity when adventures are merely steps away. ⚡️

The littlest things we do and don’t, the choices we make or made. How much do you want something, how far will you go? ⚡️

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