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Sean 林信鸿  @Mojo.sg |Best New Restaurant 2017| @_Fundnel_ @Lakupon @Reignbeauvisuals Deals & Fund Raising At: Sean@Newwealthasia.com BBM Pin: Seanlim


2017’s been great in so many ways. But some things are constant- There will be naysayers, critics and haters who tell you otherwise, anything but positivity for your dreams and aspirations. There will be bystanders who will bring you down, team players who harbor agendas and in some occasions, partners who aren’t really there for the greater good. You stick to your guns, brave through rough seas and make it happen. When you fall, get up and help others on the way up. Build ecosystems, make changes. Do with no expectations, or at least try to.

Let’s do this, 2018.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” This trip to China has opened my eyes, broadened my horizon and affirmed my beliefs that dreams are real. The land made of unparalleled progress through sheer grit, determination, hunger, enterprising spirit and pure hard work, makes me feel like I’ve done so little, lived too small.
Glad to have met so many great people in a short week through a true friend who never fails to keep it real. 2018, I can hardly wait to take you on, scale those mountains and sail those seas. Time to make it count.

师父领进门, 修行在个人!

"The temporary lack of leadership in America will not stop progress. A nation's progress is built on tolerance and bringing people together, not driving them apart."-President Barack Obama. A privilege to be here amongst leaders, thinkers and the movers & shakers of Indonesia and Asia. Thank you @discoverbbm @emtek_ @adisariaatmadja @diasporari for making this happen. #nomountainstoohigh #bbm #lakupon

Mojo supports @pinkdotsg Love free and liberate choices regardless of sex, race or beliefs. #mojosingapore #visa

A closure. It's been 3 years of heart attacks, fun, changes and learning. @sinleefoods is my first F&B baby and will always be the most important. This was the place that gave new perspectives, opened new doors and sure made many of my days more colorful than I could ever imagine. The beginning days were tough, we did 2 digit sales. Then there were the 40% profit margin days.
In all, I am happy and heartened for the opportunities to serve folks who have came and loved us. Most importantly, we made a difference in the cafe scene. Now that the lease has ended, we will be on the lookout for a new location. Our sister concept, @mojo.sg is scaling up too. Swing by!
Thank you to the amazing team, customers and friends. To the @chopesg who have been with us since day 1, thank you. You folks made a difference with the great system and service. "We've done 100pax reservations for dinner in a location god forbids, I believe we've got it in us." To new adventures ahead! No mountains too high.

Few things better in life than- @mojo.sg #mojo #mojosg #mojosingapore

Happy Father's Day from us! Blessed to have this fluffy girl around. So much to talk about, so little time. ❤️.

@tvbcomhk comes to @mojo.sg! Sharing some TLC with the great folks in HKG. Feeling the love this morning! #tvb #mojosingapore #mojo #mojosg

Started at the bottom. 9 years ago, hustling for 0 wages under the talented 1 Michelin Starred Marco Pedrelli at @mo_singapore The food business is made for men who enjoy little rest, shitty pay, bad language. But this business has opened numerous doors, showed more money making opportunities than I ever imagined and rewards I could have only dreamt of. Forever thankful, always blessed for those who have helped, encouraged and connected the dots I couldn't have on my own.

@mojo.sg killing it today. 280 pax lunch, let's do this. Blessed & thankful. 🙏🏼. #mojo #mojosingapore

Before I turn 27 in a bit: It's been a year of so many firsts. From the opening of @mojo.sg to raising the first million dollar round for @lakupon to the first wedding amongst the family to forging amazing bonds with new individuals. It's been a blissful year and I'm truly blessed and grateful. Thank you to everyone who has supported, helped, loved and mentored me, always. I pray for a greater life ahead filled with great health, happiness and prosperity amongst loved ones. 🙏🏼.

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