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Sarah Blazic 

Just want to thank @chuckmaldonado yesterday for an amazing class!

When you think "so cool" because you're wearing a hat.

Dancing in the rain!

Wish me luck folks!

@jesslwarfield 's beautiful choreography to Someone Like you. Thank you for your wonderful class and thank you @whitneyduggins for dancing with me!

Just got awarded protégé @thepulseontour! All of the classes were amazing and I had the best time!

It's such a pleasure taking class with the beautiful @noellemarsh. Dancing with me are the talented @graysonmcguire17 and @frankiemorgan_.

Just saw the legendary Rodrieguez in concert. The man and his music arr beautiful representations of what is possible for us as humans. Unfortunately, racism in the US prevented Rodriguez's star from ascending into fame. Forcing him to live in near poverty just because America wasn't ready for a Mexican folk singer. Never suppress an artist taking a stand for what they believe in, even if helping them succeed doesn't benefit yourself personally. Rodrieguez fought against the demeaning treatment the economocally challenged faced in Detroit though the means of music. I feel blessed to have come across such a profound ambassitor of humanity.

I love watching as the cars streak past.

Started off my day right by kicking up dirt and throwing rocks.

This is how I kick it.

Last competition with ADWV...obviously I danced here to improve my photogenic skillz. I can't imagine my life without you guys. This studio illuminates the darkness in any life it encounters, spreading love and acceptance to all who are willing. They even accepted a kid "too weird" to be on a dance company. Thank you Jess and Meg!

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