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  PA My Wife @ashaleeeeeee, Our cars, Tattoos, Fun times, Friends, Food, and Roxie! RIP Lady Sophie #ProjectBoyRacer™


Father and son. Clearly the Apple didn't fall far from the tree, it just happened that the branch my Apple fell from was a little closer to Japan. 😎

Drove this girls car to work today. I can't wait to start modifying this thing so people stop asking me of its my wife's car...

Roxie no longer minds being in the rain. I can't blame her she looks fucking adorable.

Went camping with some great humans last week. Here @ashaleeeeeee and I are posted up in front of a waterfall.

The daily is all clean, packed and ready for vacation!

Pirate pup. Yarrrr

The daily isn't looking to bad. Needs a detail something horribly though.

I got sick of seeing stuff lay around. So I installed them on the p5.

Can't tell of she's pouting or mean muggin but I sure do love it!

My wife says I'm spoiled. I blame being an only child. 😊 lets make some more impractical vehicles. #projectboyracer #projectfastback #iliketonamemyprojects #notafanofgivingcarspeoplenames #ncmiata #ncec #nc3 #clubsport #msp #mazdaspeed #protege

Welcome home! Filthy from a 2,868 mile trip but she's here. Welcome to the family!! #projectfastback