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Silk Road Cafe--such an appropriate name. The ancient Silk Road connected the East with the West culturally through trade. Here, Silk Road Cafe connects us with the cuisine of Uzbekistan, one of the countries in which the Silk Road graced. Today I got the logman (a veggie and beef soup topped with cilantro and dill..mmmmm dill...also with hand-pulled noodles, which I adored! If you know me, I love noodles, and I love soup; therefore I LOVE noodle soup!), the honey cake, and the non (or naan is more familiar of a term. Non is Uzbek). I've heard that the honey cakes are moist and amazing, but the slice that I had was on the dry side. Perhaps you need to get it fresh. Same with the non. It's amazing either way, but I've tried it fresh, and nothing is better than fresh, warm bread! I already looked up the recipe.... I'm not sure what to try next...maybe I'll tackle all the soups first.

Chicken and fish tacos after last night's gym session with honeybabes and da brutha-man.

Woohoo! I'm loving the new IG feature! I don't like to post collages, so I love that I can post multiple photos at once. Here's some of photos of the @powwowworldwide artwork, @caseytanigawa, and @el_fiddler from Monday's Kakaako outing. Swipe away!

Madras curry ๐Ÿ˜„

I think Shelby really knows that she's named after this.

Waiting for our table

Leftover Costco Chicken and corn broth brewing in the slow cooker.

I have lots of Japanese curry cubes at home, but I decided to make my own roux this time. Lots of veggies! Not enough pork.

Fried rice made with last night's leftover Jamaican Jerk Chicken. I think Jamaican Jerk is my new favorite spice mix!

Finally got to use my new spices! Thank you, @angelicandoit, for the awesome wedding present! We made Jamaican Jerk Chicken for dinner, and it was delicious!! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”

Albacore tuna, egg, and cheese pockets for breakfast! Throw all the ingredients in a tortilla and bake in the oven--Easy!