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Basile Manent  Film Director from Geneva, Switzerland.

Hi !
Have some fun with my neighbors.
Our city, our house. 🤣😎
Enjoy your day everybody ! ✌🏻

Hello everybody !
Hope your monday gonna be great.

Il y a un mois ☺️ la post-production suit son cours. Bon weekend !

One month ago ☺️ post-production in progress. Enjoy your weekend !

#relax in #grancanaria for the beginning of the #newyear !
Hope 2019 will be great for you ! ✌🏻 Take care !

Somewhere in #venice #italy

Hi everybody !
Enjoy your #weekend !
#autumn style with @dianah_photography ! 🍁🍂📸

I hope your week has started Well. ☺️ Don't miss the #polloftheweek in my story.

Enjoy your day ! ✌🏻

I think someone has to say, "Where is my oven?"

The unfinished sculpture by Michelangelo. 🤩
Powerful moment !

Wonderful collaboration ! ☺️

In #studio with the talented @valentin_mauvaisjardin ☺️
for my #shortmovie : #postmortem
Thank you man for your work and thank you Masé Studio ! ✌🏻

#shooting with firemen. I was like a child !! ☺️😁😁😋
Enjoy your day ! ✌🏻

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