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Aaron Norman  ⚠️ADHD👽.I vibrate on a higher level than most. We are all equals, we are all one. Clothing and sexuality shouldn’t be genderized. Be open, be free.✨😘

Change your perception of love, light and the unknown. Be open and always willing to try new things and break free from your comfort zone. Living a life that is safe and restrictive isn’t really a life worth living is it? To truly find ones ultimate self they must explore themselves internally into the vastness of their own soul or explore the mysteries of the universe and all that comes with that and the beyond. Don’t be afraid, it is the only way you can be set free from society’s gravitational pull!

My king size bed frame has finally arrived after 2 months of waiting as it had to be shipped from Europe. So worth it. Delayed gratification and nudity at its best ;)

Come and lie with me! We will slumber for endless years until the new world is full with equality and unity..... or we are awoken by probial extraterrestrial beings . I’ll hold your hand tight as we await what is to become of the future.

They say, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I say, try harder! Life’s not about taking the easy road, life’s about challenging yourself and progressing to the highest state you can reach (internally and externally). I’m not there yet, but I sure am closer then I’ve ever been. if your not happy with how your life is or what you look like take action and do something about it, I mean look how far I’ve come within the last two years. Who would of thought!!! #inspo #living #livingmybestlife #challenges #change #progress #definition #loveyourself #myversionofbeauty #grateful #me #adonis #blonde #blondeshavemorefun #instagay #instaqueer #queer #queersydney #gaysydney #gaylondon #gayberlin #gayisokay

I am sober. I am love. I am light. I am grateful. I am happiness. I am laughter. I am worthy. I am abundance. I am confident. I am strong. I am brave. I am gay. I am queer. I am open minded. I am proud. I am prosperous. I am loving. I am healthy. I am smart. I am successful. I am support. I am friendship. I am living my best life. I am naked. But most of all I am ME! Who are you? And what are you grateful for? #iam #me #grateful

When the darkness comes for you embrace it, as it’s only going to make you stronger in the long hall. Fear is something you should use as a form of empowerment as it’s only setting you up for what’s to come. Don’t be afraid to tackle things head on. Overcoming anxiety is a hard nut to crack but when mastered, you realise it’s just a mental barrier you need to overcome and nothing more. You truly find this huge weight lifted off your shoulders. #befree #embracethedarkness #embracethelight #overcome #fear and #anxiety

Dancing hours on end to that sweet rhythm that takes me to another realm. Even when partying sober you still need to wet that whistle and keep hydrated. I’ll never forget this beautifully queersome night listening to the gorgeous @erisdrew play all night long. Photo by my girl @badgal.juju #pavlovabarsyd #erisdrew #club77 #sundaychurch #queer #queersydney #instaqueer

If only life was as peachy as the uncensored version of this. Thank you instagram for your Scheisse guidelines!!!!! #rulesweremeanttobebroken #🍑 #bootypics #peachy

Not only did I get a pic with Jamie durie today, but I also was in the presence of this beautiful vintage masterpiece that was featured in The Great Gatsby, also the acreage that we were catering on was where some of the filming took place. How cool is that! Such a luscious and dreamy landscape with pristinely manicured gardens. A green thumbs heaven @guygrey_ you would be in heaven boo. #vintage #rollsroyce #thegreatgatsby #beauty #mountwilson #acreage #lucious #landscapes

Managed to get a pic with @jamiedurie as he was leaving the 150th celebration for the naming of mount Wilson which is just past the blue mountains for those who aren’t aware. You know when Jamie says the food tasted great @platedbysavva must of been doing something right! #jamiedurie #mountwilson #150th #celebration #platedbysavva #catering #events #picoftheday #celebrity

I feel like a sexy devil demon has possessed me and now for all eternity I have to fuck all the other evil demons to save humanity. #anime #devilmancrybaby #dontcryforme #baby #gorewhore #whoopsimeankillnotfuck #fuckyourbrainsout #fuckmedead

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