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Andra  β€’ sewist β€’ bridal tailor β€’ Nebraska --> Seattle β€’

I got the sweetest housewarming gift delivered right to my inbox today from @br.i.ttany. Look at this! As if Pidge's ego wasn't big enough. .
@_helloharriet perfectly captured Pigeon's RBF. Thank you, Brittany!

New shoes. πŸ‘Ÿ

So much cool street art here. So much cool everything here. 😍
#seattle #seattlewa #seattlewashington #tacoma #tacomawa

Hanging out in #tacomawashington for a bit today. πŸ€“

Found this dreamy scene last night. 🚝 #Seattle #seattlewa #seattlemonorail

It's like in the movies when a person dies and their translucent ghost self stands up. The camera caught my ghost for a second today.

We don't have any furniture yet so all of our time is spent sitting on the floor by the windows. I'm pretty ok with it. πŸ’•

That pose you make when you're trying to look like you're not posing.

The XXL window sills are the perfect size for this plus size queen.

A week ago today we stopped at Carhenge on the drive from Nebraska to Seattle. @rosegoldfiala had never been and it had been almost exactly ten years since I had been there with @newbrasskey. A decade between adventures is too long.

Where is this rain you speak of? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Dress to match 🌺

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