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///Max Artemenko  ⚀Max | 25😎 ⚁Sacramento, CA☉ ⚂Daily HR Z🐌 ⚃Low N Slow🚗⠀⠀⠀ ⚄🎥

Enkei rpf1 raffle ETA 2 hours🤙

Enkei rpf1 drawing set for tommorow (Monday 24th @ 5:30 PM Pacific time)
Make sure not to miss it, but it's okay if you do because I will be announcing and direct messaging the winner👍
Goodluck to everyone who entered, it'll be a big win🔥 (Tag owner/photographer)

I need an iPhone 7+ so I can take photos like these🙄

Well done whose ever subie this is!👍 (tag owner/photographer)

I'll post up the enkei rpf1 drawing time tonight so lookout for it, it'll be set for Monday for sure🤙

Enkei rpf1 Raffle is full!!🤙 I'll have the live drawing done on Monday so be sure not to miss it, I'll post exact time tommorow.

In the meantime enjoy this clean and simple evo👍😁 Tag owner/photographer if known ✌

What a clean evo🙄 last day to enter the enkei rpf1 raffle, last 6 spots left👍 (Tag owner/photographer)

🔥WIN your set, join the raffle!🔥
Only $25 an entry for a brand new set in any specs (17s, 18s) with shipping included(US only)
Capped at 65 spots so everyone has a good chance, probably the best odds from any raffle I've ever seen👌

My raffles are legit, check out my previous winners and feel free to message them for proof👍

Anyone looking to buy some te37rt?😅 #cantkeepwheels4morethanaweek

Clean🔥 who wants to win a brand new set of rpf1s so their car can look this good?
Luckily there are still spots in the enkei rpf1 raffle, any specs in 17s or 18s. With shipping included. Only 25 to enter👍 (Tag owner/photographer)

Finally got the new setup on #te37rt #te37
Enkei rpf1 raffle is halfway filled! Get in with an entry for a chance to win a new set for crazy cheap. Capped at 65 spots so everyone has a good chance 👍

These slingshots were a lot of fun, I'd recommend giving them a try👌

Rpf1 raffle is filling up get in with entry in my profile👍

Been out of town so I've had a slow start to the rpf1 raffle entries, but it's still open so if you want to get in this is your chance.
$25 for 1 entry or 2 for $40. Capped at 65 spots so the chances are really good. The shipping is included for the winner (US only, if out of us must cover shipping.) ................
Entry link is in my profile or DM if you got any questions 👍

This thing is clean, definetly need to look at an s4 next. (Tag owner/photographer if you know)

Rpf1 raffle still going, spots are open😁👍

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