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First-ever DNA Test for Cats  Know your cat, inside & out: ancestry, breed, traits, health and more. We ship worldwide! Join our #basepawscats family! Blog ⬇️⬇️⬇️


“I purchased this kit for my husband for Christmas. He was always a cat person, while I was a dog person. He finally wore me down and I said "yes" to my first cat ever at age 50ish ... Kiki :) As I've said, my husband has always had cats and he has said many times that he has never had a cat quite like her. He doesn't quite believe she is a tabby. Besides the coat and eyes, her body is more like a Siamese with a pronounced hump to her back with an extremely thin body structure and very long tail. Her face is on the smallish side and is more triangular. She is super fast and very acrobatic. She swings around her cat tree at amazing speeds. We have done some searching on the net and think she might be mixed with Abyssinian. We have talked about trying to do some type of testing on her to see exactly her mix. I would really like to know what breed(s) make Kiki..... Kiki!” (c) pet human Karen Benner
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Happy Valentine’s day! Always remember - love is stronger than genes 😉 We love you! ❤️

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Sunday facials be like 🙃
📹 by @utamaruru ~••~
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Today in our NEW blog we come to you with the information every cat caregiver needs to know about types of cancer in cats, and cancer prevention, detection & treatment. If you would like to understand what lies in the roots of this complex issue too, please read the first part of this article posted last week. Your feedback is very important to us - like, share, leave comments if you are interested in this topic 🤓

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“While of course I'm super curious to know what breed(s) Bosco might actually be, I'm also hoping as the science develops that maybe possible/probable health conditions might be able to be identified as well. Since Bosco shares DNA with his brother Diego who passes away last March, I'm of course always nervous that he could head down a similar path as his brother at some point. They do share one condition - both were diagnosed with asthma at just over a year old.” (c) pet human Tara L.
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Ever wonder who the royal feline of the cat world may be? The Siamese, of course! Read our new blog about that gorgeous cat breed, give them a ❤️ and share with us your story in comments! Meow! 📸 by @cola_thecat
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Good morning everypawdy! Have a healthy and productive week 😉
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🙀Don't make the mistake of letting this creature's adorableness fool you: The black-footed cat (Felis nigripes) of southern Africa is among the deadliest cats on Earth. (c) @huffingtonpostfc

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If you're anything like us, then you enthusiastically welcomed the New Year with arms wide open and excitingly committed to your New Year Resolutions. It’s important to lead, step, hop and jump into the new beginnings on the right foot, no? :) This is why we wrote a new blog with some useful tips and tricks to help you make sure your furry feline friend starts the New Year on the right paw as well!🐱#basepawsblog #cats #happynewyear

“My wife and I were excited to get Daisy tested for the novel idea of finding out what breed she is most closely related to. After finding out about your test we're also excited about the other reports you all are working on including the health report and how she compares to wild cats. Daisy is a 19 year old all white long haired cat with green eyes and weighs 14lbs. She is very friendly, prefers to be around people rather then by herself and is quite vocal. While we know that she can still hear, she is either losing some ability or maybe she's just ignoring us as cats sometimes do. She is well behaved and loves to lick people.” (c) pet humans Andrew and Debbie ~~~
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Happy New Year, cats and kittens! It may be the year of the dog, but here at Basepaws, we love all our pets. Woof and Meow, 2018! 🎄🐶🐱 2017 was the year we developed our DNA test, got our lab at LABioMed, learned many lessons (big and small!) about how to create unique genetic reports and finally, after months of trial and error, will be ready to share the results in early 2018. May this year bring you health, joy and lots of kitty love. Happy New Year! 🎊🎆🎈 #happynewyear #cats #dogs

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