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Cat DNA Test | Basepaws  🐱Ancestry, breed & health report in one place 📦We ship all over the world ✨We donate $5 from each sale to shelters 🧐Learn about your cat inside & out!

Attention animal lovers: October is National Pet Wellness Month! Take a little extra time this month to ensure your pet is getting the very best care. If you feel like you need a little direction on how to do that for your kitty, head to the link in our bio 🤗

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Millie's DNA collection was soooooo easy!! #basepawscats 😀❤👍❣😺❤😀 She sent in some fur - collected with adhesive, and she didn't feel a thing! 🐈😺🐈😺🐈😺🐈😺🐈 She's looking forward to her results! What wild cat do you think she resembles? 😽😽😽😽😽 @basepaws .
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Now that information is available to learn about their genetics, every kitty-parent can finally feel more purr-pared to care for their cat’s specific needs. Who else has been waiting for a mewment like this? 🙋🏻‍♀️

September may have been Happy, Healthy Cat Month, but to us, that’s every month! We would do anything to give our babies the happiest, healthiest lives that they deserve - that’s what we’re all about. Join us in celebrating Happy, Healthy Cat Month every month of the year 💛

Ever since she pawed her way into her hoomans' lives, Shelby has won over every bit of their hearts and home. With her mystical history, exotic appearance, and incredibly unique personality—she never fails to impress her fur parents with yet another one of her quirks. She even managed to win over her fur-brother Max, too.The pair of them couldn't possibly be any more different in nature and temperament. Link to their full meowigal story in our bio.

Maine Coons are muscular, agile, and heavily boned felines. Their coats are thick, long and double coated. Did you know that the Maine Coon has the longest whiskers of all cats out there? While many speculate Coons come from Maine, others believe that they came with the Vikings from Europe to America. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

“My fiance Eric and I adopted our cat, Doc, from a high-kill shelter in Downey a little over a year ago.  He is a cutie patootie, very docile, very inquisitive, loves to jump up to high places and explore, loves being outside, and loves being held like a baby with his head hanging over your arm so he's looking at everything upside down - seriously, he LOVES that! He has some distinctive physical features - long ear furnishings, fluffy neck ruff, SUPER fluffy/brushy tail prone to matting, SUPER fluffy soft fur with several layers - that make us wonder whether he has Maine Coon/Siberian/Norwegian Forest ancestry.  Basepaws seemed like the most promising organization for finding out more about that!” (c) pet human Jessa🐱

FRESH CATNIP ALERT🚨: Curious kitties want to know where the humans have taken their DNA samples? Take a peek and pawnder the wonder of DNA testing science🔬#basepawslab

Looking for the best and most original presents is an exciting and rewarding task which often keeps us on our toes. What is the best gift for each of your loved ones? Should you buy or craft your presents? How many, how big, what colour, should you pack it, wrap it, decorate it? Searching for the best gift can be truly tortuous! But, there is a simple solution – enter Basepaws.
Let us work our magic and deliver the most wonderful gift to you or your loved one. Link in bio.

After a long week, sometimes a short getaway is in order. We like how @flufflesthecat spends weekends together with his pet hooman cruising around different cities. How often do you travel with your pets? 😎 #caturday

It’s Friday! Time to soak in the weekend ☀️🐱#TGIF #kokobasepawscat

Lurking in cats’ furs, digestive tracts and our carpets, feline parasites are great at escaping our eyes. This is why, for the most of the time, we can be completely unaware of them. To keep you on top of the game, here are few things every cat owner should know about the most common parasites in cats. Link in bio. #basepawsblog

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