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FITNESS➕FOOD➕FASHION➕LIFESTYLE  Felicia🙋🏻Diana 💪🏻Personal Trainers/Strength 👭Aussie Sisters 🏋🏼‍♀️Weights For Women 👟Online Training Programs

Weights vs Cardio 👊🏻 One of our most commonly asked questions; do we do cardio? The simple answer is not really😝To understand what we mean by that and to learn more about weight training and the benefits of it, check out our article up now on the @triplewhitemag website. If you care about your health, fitness, strength and confidence levels, this is a must read💪🏻Link in our bio🔝
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Your body is your temple🙌🏻 Be good to yourself and treat your mind, body and soul with love and respect everyday🙏🏻Fuel your body with wholesome, nutritious foods, train hard (with weights if possible👊🏻) and maintain that lifestyle for life. Consistency is key babes💪🏻 #basebodybabeslove #life #balance #body #training #goodfood #ck #nike #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong #personaltrainers


Never wait until you lose your health to start thinking about it. Think about how you can be healthier everyday, make it your number one priority and take action immediately 💪🏻 Pay attention to your health and how your body feels; Are your energy levels good? Are there changes in your body that aren't making you feel good? Take notice and make changes to make your body and mind healthier. Don't expect anyone else to take responsibility for your health, it's up to YOU!!! Comment below and tell us what you want do this week to better your health🙌🏻 We are sending you lots of positive energy to get going 💓

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Craving 💕 Beetroot Lattes... Yummm👌🏻 Good morning babes! We hope you had an awesome week and are looking forward to an even better weekend🤗

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FACEBOOK LIVE - Watch us over at the @womenshealthaus Facebook page today at 12:30pm AEST for a short technique session where we talk about the Do's and Don'ts of 4 of our most commonly used movements: Squat, Deadlift, Upper Body Push and Pull💪🏻 If you have any questions that you want to ask, get them ready as we will be doing a Q&A at the end also! We will only be on for about 10mins, so it's super quick. Get ready to learn 👊🏻 #basebodybabeslove #liftingweights #chicksthatlift #empoweringwomen #gym #technique #learntolift #womenshealthaus #basebodybabes #personaltrainer

Let's move👊🏻 Don't think of Monday's as the end of an amazing weekend, think of them as the start of an amazing week. Get excited about focusing on yourself, being productive and moving another week closer to achieving your goals💪🏻 Happy Monday babes🌸

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SNAPCHAT TAKEOVER happening right now over on the 👻popsugar snapchat page 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 We just shared a strength circuit for you and your BFF to follow👯 Check it out and screenshot away to get the full workout and our top tips for each movement💪🏻This weeks workout set👊🏻 Happy training babes 💦 @popsugar
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PROTEIN OATS🍧🍶🍓 Did you catch our Insta story on how we make our protein oats with @bareblends protein and why we do things in a certain way. Check it out now before the story ends🔝🎀 OUR TOP TIP for cooking oats is add the protein powder after cooking the oats and they have cooled a little. Heating the protein powder at high heat can denature it, which means you may lose protein content. The heat can also make the protein clumpy and rubbery, so you want to avoid that👌🏻 Happy fuelling babes🌸

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Weekend Workouts💪🏻We like to train between 4-6 times a week with weights💪🏻 For real results, we recommend training with weights a minimum of 3 times per week. We always take Sunday off training to rest and recover🙌🏻 Tomorrow however, we will be taking over the @popsugar Snapchat account to bring you guys a workout, so today we will have a rest day. Make sure you follow us over there tomorrow for a new full body workout 👊🏻 #basebodybabeslove #gym #workout #liftweights #chicksthatlift #fila #basebodybabes #personaltrainers

Time to work👊🏻 Spending the day together today @basebodystudio 🙋🏼🙋🏻 Can't wait to get through some serious work together👌🏻🗒💪🏻💻🖊 Happy productive Friday 🙌🏻 #basebodybabeslove #work #sisters #gym #adidas #gazelle #basebodybabes #basebodystyle

POSITIVE ENERGY💫 Do you know that YOU are in control of the energy you attract and radiate? YOU have the choice to see the positive or negative side of everything in your life. Being positive will make you feel so much better than being negative, but this often doesn't come naturally, so like everything in life we have to work at it💪🏻We want to help you make the right choices and help you shift your mindset to eliminate negative thinking so you can feel great about yourself and be happier and healthier🙏🏻Here are some of our favourite ways to create positive energy: •Spend time with people that make you happy and give you positive energy🤗
•Release negative energy you’re holding onto from the past and make room for positive energy🙌🏻
•Get into nature- the sun, the air, the water are amazing energy boosters🌿
•Listen to your favourite uplifting music and even dance if you feel like it🎶
•Practice Meditation- find that inner peace and learn to breathe🙏🏻
•Get creative - draw, paint, redecorate your work/living spaces so your surroundings inspire you and make you feel good when you are in them🎨
•Stress less and have more fun- smile and laugh more🤗
•Focus on gratitude and squash negative thoughts as soon as they appear 👊🏻
•Treat others as you would like to be treated-Don't talk badly about others, it won't ever truly make you feel good and it's just not nice to do👭
•Be aware of your self-talk - be more positive with the thoughts you have about yourself, focus on the things that you are good at🙌🏻 AND OF COURSE: •Love and care for your body by keeping hydrated with water and eating healthy and nourishing foods💧🥚🍓🌱
•Be active - get those endorphins pumping to trigger a positive feeling in the body💪🏻
•Sleep- a well rested body is a happier and healthier body💤

Positive energy is contagious and it is there to be utilised. Let's look for it in our surroundings, let's work for it and let's take it all in and allow it to run through our bodies and shine out of us🌟 #basebodybabeslove #positiveenergy #positivevibes #mindset #helpingothers #basebodybabes

Rise and Shine🙌🏻 Can't wait to get back to @basegym to train and eat at #basefuel 👌🏻 This is our absolute favourite gluten free bread. We serve it at our cafe and have 2 slices every morning toasted with organic butter, 2-3 eggs, sauerkraut, cherry tomatoes and basil. So delish👌🏻 #basebodybabeslove #breakfast #glutenfree #toast #fuelyourbody #basebodybabes #happy #healthy #fit #strong

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