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Westbury Jamez🤘🏾  NEW VIDEO IN BIO And Project OTW #MurdaTrain #WestburyJamezVersion Music Pro. By WRECCS BEATS,MrJAYOnDaTRACC, & more! Videos Pro. By Hype South


🗣Go add me on the SNAP👻 @BarzillaBoobee it be goin dine on my shit🤘🏾😤#MurdaTrain2 KUMN SOON

Everyday is a blessing I didn't ask for... #ThankGod

2 Years ago I dropped this tape #TerroristAttakkk on #September11th it got more love than #MurdaTrain but I know mfs ain't on it how they should be. And it's shit on there boys still ain't fuckin wit. As far as #Bars and #Remix #Covers boys ain't fwm. So peep game👀 I got #MurdaTrain2 Kumn Soon (Sometime in October) but Ima drop freestyle videos up until the release day of #MT2 Stay Tuned. Full #MurdaTrain1 and #TerroristAttakkk mixtape available on #SoundCloud for listen and/or download. Preciate It. #Htown #HoustonTx #SouthWesttx #Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest #Remember911

Thanks to my mf bro @Mankyne and the big homie JD aka @SoundzGoodProductionzTX I'm blessed to be on the line up🙏🏾 TONIGHT the last show @Chymistrylive having at this venue. I dun seen a lot of shit here. I grab the mic right after @SucLilO doing classics @KillaKyleon came through shared the spotlight with up and coming artists. @ScottyRaps (One of #Houston Best battle rappers) killed a nigga on that stage. I watched @KrazoCB4 tour what I consider one of his best projects #BlackCocaine on this stage!!! @BiggFatts blessed the mic and hosted! @WhoIsDuck has always showed love to this venue! I dun hogged the stage wit @Psyco_Sid_Sokul @BossLadyJaye713 my bro @Imk.a.y.o w/HIRENT..... A nigga can't name errbody but point is a lot of grinding, talented, motivated/motivational, artists from #Houston came to this venue for 1 reason or another. And tonight is the last show at this venue. So If you never been, if you never gave this place a shot, come TF through we bout to shut shit DOWN✌🏾️ #ShutItDownConcert


R.I.P. #DjSrew Mane I don't normally sip drank wit no fuckin coke bro😒 but that hoe said LEAN ON ME🙌🏾😩 I had to do it🍇🍼😈 💪🏾🤘🏽#Purple #DrankBaby #SouthWestTx #June27th 6️⃣2️⃣7️⃣ #Htown #Screwston #ScrewstonTx #Cocacola #Leanin #LeanOnMe #Drank #Promethazine #ScrewDay #GreyTape #SlowMotion #LatePost

#Repost @phenomfred A #legendary day in #Houston deserves a legendary post💪🏾😤 #Htown #June27th #ScrewstonTx #Screwston #DjScrew #GreyTape day #Htine forever🤘🏽 RIP #RobertDavis 6️⃣/2️⃣7️⃣

Tf😒😒 Really that's what commercials are for #BET chill out

Happy G day @BlamilyRealahh #Salute Mane I met you in Jail. We both was at a point in our lives where the only way to go was🆙 We would bust spreads and rap all night! Pissin niggas off freestylin over all the lame shit on street flava niggas kudn sleep fuckin wit us and this music. Like what nigga you know was bookin shows in jail😂 performing for the tank and the 1times smh. I never recorded that song fwm and that was yo shit😔 You would drag me out the bunk like fuck a outta place case nigga run that shit lol. You was always blam this and blam that. When I fought Moore bitch ass you was right there rootin for da lil guy💪🏾😂 I still hear you screamin lil nigga got sumn lmao like yo ass ain't lil too nshit😂 Then you would go home first and I'd see you 2 years later GRINDIN💪🏾 and I was doin the same. Nigga you had a team, clothes, music, videos, was so proud to see you too was serious about everything we said we would do when we got out that bih🙌🏾 It was like Gods will that we touched the same stage. I paid you for 2 copies of your next project back in January.. Jan28 to be exact. That was the last time I saw you and the vibe was the same as always. #Realahh When I met you up there I want my 2 copies bro😅😔but i recorded some of your set that night. When I watch it I be like damn😔😓 God bless my nigga and his family #RipRealaah #TurfStillPumin #BlamilyTies #BlamBLAMRealaah

Man #HappyBirthday to a #RealOne my bro @blamilyrealahh I took these pics 2 months ago and Through this young man you live on🙏🏾 We wonder why God needed you back but you belong to him not us💯 and we shall ask him no question! #LongLiveRealahh #BlamilyTies #BlammaGang #ShadWentHard 💪🏾#BIP my dawg😢

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