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  Pastry Chef, Canlis 👹

Love is the law, law under chocolate. @valrhonausacerclev #strawberryinspiration

My ears are ringing and my voice is shot. All I want is more. @slapshotboston

This “selfie” was done with an actual camera. You know, the kind with thought and care and consequences.

‘18 releases enjoyed by me. Music gets better the more deplorable government gets and the more ridiculous society becomes. Fact.

Can’t wait to see @thegodfathersofhardcoremovie of which I proudly contributed to the making of. Albeit only a little, still proud.

I tried to find this trading card after I got home tonight. Mine is signed by the guy. Must have been 90-91 maybe 92 but I was 10-12 and loved comic books. I knew he was at the San Diego con that year so I took the card and stood in line which wasn’t very long which I found astounding since it was Stan fucking lee. He found the card amusing, claimed he hadn’t seen it before and graciously scribbled his autograph in blue ball point. People die, end of story. At my age all our hero’s are passing on with every month. If one day we could see our creations become what Stan Lee’s did, we might know something he did. “Face front, true believers!”

You think you have a good co-pilot? Not until they pin you in a cartoon. 😕🙏✌️

Thanks for the giant box of cookies and kind words @coquinepdx ! ❤️


Fact: heavy tunes make you push harder. Congratulations on 12 years of this record and the many before that my dudes. @jjjjonas @neerajkane @kvn_bkr and Jarod and timbomb. 🍕#deathknowsyourname

👍🐵👍 morning 5k jams

First grader 😹

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