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Becca  Ghost by day, archaeologist by night. Other 📷 @graveyard_dwelling

Sometimes your boss asks you to go help see if the vaults are okay and you are confronted with the 7 dwarves in the dark.

No? Just my job? Okay then.

Narcissistic selfie of the makeup it took me and hour to do the other night because I might have spent most of it watching Outlander.

He's just the cutest ever.

Someone wants to escape.

Wireless keyboard, tablet, fighting Scotrail wifi. The delights of deadlines and work commutes.

Sometimes you do your makeup pretty well and you've gotta have a selfie to celebrate.

So freaking cute.

"So it's true. When all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love." #greyfriars #edinburgh

Love you always baby boy. You're able to run free now.

Because the Plenderleith zoo wasn't full enough, I added Hugo to the mix a couple days ago. #guineapig

Bought myself a new camera to bore you all with slightly higher quality pictures of my dogs. And probably graveyards. But for now, Missy.

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