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I'm finally able to fit into a shirt I bought over a year and a half ago! And @geo_antoinette said that makes her horny lol.

I came back home to the best Father's Day gifts ever!!! I got not 1, not 2, but 4 gifts!!!
I got @thenorthface back packs, @bose head phones, @newbalance shoes, and a plate full of brownies!!! Thank you so much @geo_antoinette for making my first Father's Day feel so warm and memorable!
You made Father's Day feel better than Christmas!
I highly encourage everyone to be a father as soon as possible! Being a dad is the fucking shit! 😂

We've reached a monumental moment in our movie process, friendship, and our careers! Since we started @jkfilms, we've always wanted to make a movie. After going through a ton of movie concepts and multiple rewrites for the plots and treatments, we finally have a solid story and outline that we're extremely proud of.
I always felt like there's no point in doing something unless you're changing the game. So, if we do our movie right ... there's gonna be nothing like it. 😎

It's pretty awesome having a private beach to yourself. I get to walk around in my underwear and no one can call the cops on me lol.
Too bad we're too busy writing that we can't enjoy the beach more.

This is our amazing home for the next few days as we work on the script for the @jkfilms movie! ✔️yes, we're still working on the movie lol
✔️yes, we have decided on one solid movie concept ✔️and yes, you already know it's gonna be comedy, action, and drama

Happy Father's to my dad! I have him to thank for my humor, head shape, and the bruises all over my body when I was 7 lol. (I know you'll never read this pop because you don't have Instagram or read English but I love you.)

My training has been awesome! Even though my energy levels have been low due to lower calories, I'm still smashing the powerlifting lifts and the bodybuilding.
I pretty much superset all of my accessories to avoid doing cardio as much as possible lol.

It's so cool that Geo's brother is also having a baby the same time we are! Our baby beaw gets to have a cousin that's the same age and always have someone to play with!

Lost 35 lbs so far this year. Started at 230 lbs and weighed in at a new low of 195 lbs today. I didn't do anything fancy. Kept things simple. Powerlifting and made sure I was on a slight caloric deficit everyday. The decisions you make daily add up to weekly results and the decisions you make weekly add up to monthly results. Before you know it, all the training you put in turns into a 25lb PR and all the donuts you skipped turns into a six pack!
I still got 10 lbs to go before I reach my goal, and I'm gonna keep doing the same thing: Powerlifting and Macros.
Kizen Powerlifting Program (Link in bio): http://kizentraining.com/p/powerlifting-12-week

I love it when my truck's clean! Need to take it back in the dirt again lol.

Had an awesome time collabing with @vat19 today! Stay tuned for the video. I'm probably gonna have diarrhea later lol.

I left all my gear at home so I had the rawest work out ever lol. No shoes, no sleeves, no belt, no confidence. Still had to get the work done though. Did 8's on everything.
If you got a goal, you gotta keep working towards it regardless of how absentminded you are lol.

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