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Stay tuned for that @barbellbrigade new new!
But the staff and ambassadors get it first. 😎
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Squats have been feeling good! This is the fastest I've moved 405lbs at under 200lbs.
Since Squats are my weakest lift, it's what I wanted to focus on the most during this 16 week training cycle. It's very difficult to get stronger during a cut but it is possible.
That's the difference between training without a plan versus following a carefully planned and strategized 16 week program. Designed by me @omarisuf and @silentmikke, this program is a carefully calculated high frequency, high volume, daily undulating powerlifting and bodybuilding program.
There's 12 hours left to preorder the Powerbuilder Program at 40% OFF, so get it now!
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I miss playing tennis.
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Shout outs to @leahcitron for the dope red @vans!!! They look sick with the new @barbellbrigade Foundry Tee (it hasn't dropped yet) stay tuned for that!
There's nothing special about today's work out from a micro perspective. Just another day of putting in work. But, from a macro perspective, today is special. It's all the 110% effort put into days like this that adds up to huge results at the end of a carefully calculated 16 week program. Don't sleep on the daily grind. Give it your all everyday and see what happens!
3 days left on the Powerbuilding preorder sale (link in bio):

We've been looking for unique wedding rings for the past year and I think we might have just found the ones we want!

How many of you Bodybuild and realize you're not as strong as your Powerlifter friends? And, how many of you Powerlift and feel less jacked than your Bodybuilding friends?

Although there's a slight overlap, they're actually separate disciplines. One focuses on building muscle (hypertrophy) and the other focuses on building strength. This may seem counterintuitive but it's not. Have you noticed that people who jump the highest rarely have the biggest quads?

Strength and Muscle are separate pursuits and there are highly specialized ways to achieve either one of them. However, for the average athlete like you and I, were not trying to be the biggest in the world nor are we trying to be the strongest. We want something down the middle that represents the best version of who WE are.

This is why @omarisuf @silentmikke and I are teaming up to create a 16 Week PowerBuilding program. We're taking a scientific linear-periodized approach to not only gaining strength but also building muscle. This program is available for pre-order at 40% off the regular price RIGHT NOW. The first 4 weeks are also free for anyone that wants to get started now!
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These sisters are inseparable.

The shaving cream didn't stand a chance!

Weight is going down and still feel strong! 💪
Finally dropped below 200lbs and I'm still able to hit 315lbs 3x5 on beltless pause squats and 285lbs 3x3 for pause bench. Gotta keep this up! #TeamAntiDadBod

It was a blast to have @wongfupro stop by and shoot @justkiddingparty_ with us. For once, someone else gets punished lol 😂.

I remember I hated getting a hair cut as a kid. My mom had to tackle me and drag me like the United Airlines security just to get me to her asian lady friend's house with a salon in her garage lol.
Now I love getting hair cuts. I always feel like a new man after. Who else likes a fresh cut?

First time cooking in a long time! Got super excited to use all the new kitchen toys I got! God I'm getting old lol.

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