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TBT. Circa 2007 when I was in the Marines.
I was lucky to be part of an ANGLICO unit, which is part of Marine Special Operations. And since every Marine is first and foremost a Rifleman, even though I was in Supply, I was able to do a lot of cool shit and train alongside Special Forces Marines like Recon, Raiders, and even some experimental government groups. I have the hugest respect for these guys cause they're super studs. They'll out swim you, out run you, out shoot you, out smart you, out everything you. They're just a better breed of human lol.

So when my Marine Raider buddy @nickkoumalatsos told me he created a program to help people prepare for Boot Camp, I couldn't wait to share it. Not only would he be the best person to teach this, but I wished I had something like this. I graduated Boot Camp as a Squad Leader (E-2) with a 280 PFT, but had I been better prepared, I could've had a perfect 300 PFT and possibly graduated as Company Honorman (E-3), which is a huge jump start in a Marine Corps career. So if you're looking to jump start your military career or just get in shape check this out:

Went for an AMRAP today on Pull Ups with a 45 plate. Pretty happy I got 17 reps!!!
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I was tryin to teach @taikakwan about Chinese music. I had no idea he would like it this much!
(Song by Khalil Fong - I'm Sorry. In case you wanna connect with inner Chinese in you lol.)

Love shooting @justkiddingparty_ with @stevegreenecomedy and @nikkilimo. They're hilarious and fight as much as me and @geo_antoinette do lol.

Finally learning how to run for the first time ... as a full grown adult lol.
@jacob.w.ross trains professional athletes so he's not easily impressed lol. I'm just training to get better at running from the Po Po.

Slowly inching my way towards my 2x body weight bench goal in competition by the end of the year.
336lbs for a 3x3. Shout outs to
@hermangip for the clutch lift offs.
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It's crazy how fast this boy's face can change lol.

I've made a ton of mistakes when I first started lifting. I've ran stereotypical 3x10 templates off magazines, followed the training of the biggest "bro" in the gym, and even tried random "brograms" that my friends linked me online. It was really hard to sort out what was legit from what was BS back then.

Which is why, when @kizentrainingofficial (me @omarisuf and @silentmikke) decided to launch our first Bodybuilding Program, "Bodybuilding: Beyond the Basics", it was important for us to team up with legendary natural bodybuilder @nunez3dmj. We wanted to create the most legit and comprehensive bodybuilding program out there. The Program Guide is nearly 100 pages with 15 Exclusive Tutorial Videos, 6 Full Training Programs, Macro Tracker, and much more.

And, in celebration of Kizen's 1 year anniversary, we are offering 40% off this program and everything else on our site with the code "YEAR1". This sale will only last 3 days, so act NOW! Don't wait till next year to start your New Year's goals. Get a head start on 2018 now and start making progress!
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What my home office looks like these days. I have two keyboards and one is squeakier than the other lol.

For Today's Special, our main entree is Push Presses served with 185lbs paired with a generous offering of Wide Grip Pull Ups topped off with a splash of delicious Box Jumps. This three course meal is best consumed three times with little to no rest. Enjoy!
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This is my alarm clock every morning. And I love it. 😊

Who would've thought I'd have one of my best work outs this morning after having the worst sleep last night (daddy duties). Lesson learned: regardless of how you feel currently, get after it and give it your all. You could be missing an opportunity to uncover the best version of yourself.
Today's top set: 505lbs 2x3 on a Stiff Bar
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