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Dalton Barrett  Dalton Barrett 👌🏻 🖥 Self Taught Digital Artist 🗯Open for Commission, DM For Prices Check out Star Wars The Last Jedi: Balanced Edition (Link Below)

I saw the new Aquaman Poster and I was kinda disappointed in it so I decided to touch it up a bit (I’ll do an original poster soon) -
What did you think of the poster?

There are many rumblings of a #Smallville Animated reunion, and I am absolutely on board! -
Would you watch Smallville The Animated Series?

So the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Film is officially happening, I dig it and I can’t wait to see how it plays out
Are you excited to see The Joker Film?

Wanted to work up a little poster for #avengers4 I’m so excited for this film! -
Are you excited for Avengers 4?

While I love the classic Red and Blue on Peter, something like this would look far “Superior” to other designs in my opinion
Do you think a suit like this would help distinguish from other Spiderman designs?

Okay so I know a lot of people were disappointed with the lack of Hulk in Infinity War but I’m really hoping he redeem himself in Avengers 4!
Do you wanna see more Hulk in Avengers 4?

Can we talk about how fantastic @lakeithstanfield3 would be as The Joker? Because he would be absolutely perfect -
What do you think about @lakeithstanfield3 as the Joker?

A little late with this, but I was so saddened to hear about the loss of Steve Ditko
Thank you for everything Steve, Rest In Peace

Were you disappointed with Justice League? Have you been disappointed with the portrayal of Superman in the DCEU? Well I’m happy to announce that I am begging work on my second fan edit... The Death Of Superman! The film will be a competition of BvS and JL and will hopefully show the hope behind Superman. More info will be passed along as we get closer to completion! I am working very closely with a very talented group of people to make this a reality and I can’t wait until it is finished! @spdrmnkyxxiii is handeling the graphics, @henryanimates is the Special Effects supervisor, @dc.mediaverse is producing and many more are helping out with ideas along the way! If you have any ideas or skill to help out with this project my DM’s are open! -
Also special thanks to @britedit for whipping up the Superman concept art for me

(Just so we are clear this isn’t a Captain America quote) -
"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We're going to live on!

We're going to survive!" Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!”
Happy fourth to everyone and thank you to all who have served! Posting a little Captain America Throwback for today

Garret Hedlund is my first choice to play Oliver Queen in the DCEU and I’d love to see a modern version of the classic Green Arrow suit! -
What do you think of the cast?

I’ve heard a rumor that #CaptainBrittain may appear in the Spider-man Homecoming Sequel which is apparently titled #SpidermanFarFromHome and honestly I hope it’s true, Charlie Hunnam would be a really neat choice to play him -
What do you think of the Spider-man sequel title?

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