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Benji  Lv. 27 coffee mage, Christ-follower, Beardsman, barista, bookish nerd, certified 100% odd. CR: League of Dragons by Naomi Novik

I love the picture this verse paints, and I love how much there is to think about despite how simple the verse is. Am I letting the thing that makes me different, and makes me who I am, be open and visible or am I hiding it away in favour of blending in? #bibleverse #Christian #scripture #gospel

What a quality evening! Had some epic sushi and a real good catch up with this magical girl, talking life, philosophy, anime... Everything good in life! And we ate SO much food - dishes kept showing up and after a while I gave up on re-taking the dinner shot. Just rest assured that there was... A LOT. Such a great end to the week. #sushi #goodfood #dinner #bestfriend #goodtimes

It's a mama and a baby burrito!!! Always love a little @biakitchen trip with @slothyogagirl. #burrito #whatveganseat #eventhoimnotvegan #veganforthelikes

Just got home to this little tin of greatness from @thekrakenbeardcompany! This stuff smells so fresh, I can't wait to smooth some in tomorrow morning. I usually like to go for woody scents for my beard stuff, but this is lemony and minty with a little tea tree thrown in there too and it smells a-ma-zing. #beardgang #beardlife #beardsman #beardbalm #krakenbeardcompany

Tonight I finally got around to experiencing the viking wonder that is Blood Rage! I really enjoyed the nordic mythology theme - all of the powers and abilities linking to Thor, Odin, Heimdall, Loki, etc etc, and having it all set in the Nine Realms was super fun. Trying to get to grips with the whole game system was... an experience, and one I definitely didn't get the hang of first time round. Actually, I got thoroughly mullered. 😂 The final score of the winner was quadruple my own final score... But, in my own defence, I didn't really know what I was doing, so I didn't really know how to form a strategy, so I pretty much ended up just trying to mess with everyone else. 😂 Which is, I feel, it's own reward.
#Boardgames #BloodRage #analoguegaming #TabletopGaming #Tabletop #Thor #Loki #Odin #Heimdall

Cmon, big winner! Gotta get in one that giveaway... @gabypyon @slothyogagirl #blastbolt

Love adding this bit of my childhood nightmare fuel to the collection. The Wheelers were always an incredibly chilling part of the Return to Oz and I love this pin. Nice one @atomicpins!!! #BewareTheWheelers #ReturnToOz #Wheelers #PinAddict #PinMail #PinGameOnPoint #NightmareFuel

An iced filter is just what I needed on a day like today. Absolutely loving this fruity little number - really hitting the spot! Nice one @strangerscoffee! #coffee #CoffeeHouse #icedfilter #specialtycoffee

After the black hole that was last week, and after my first climb after it, I'm trying to be positive about it! I've fallen a little out of condition, I've taken a little step back, but that's okay. It's good to refocus and resettle how I prioritise climbing. And after the bug I picked up there's a little less to my waistline, so getting back up to strength and beyond, I'll be a little quicker up the wall.
Tonight's climb was a bit of a fight. It's always a little disheartening finding you can't quite stick routes that you know you've done before. But I know I'll get back to it soon enough.
Know thy limits - push past them. #climbing #climber #fingertape #sickweek #progress #stepback #hardwork #positivity #knowthylimits #pushpastthem

There's nothing better than reading the final act of a book that takes place in the collision between to enormous storms of legendary proportions while thunder and lightning is rolling in the background. #BrandonSanderson #WordsofRadiance #Cosmere #StormlightArchive #epicreadingtime

The positive side to feeling rough as anything over the weekend is that I've been able to get back into Star Trek TNG, and I discovered this awesome podcast! Our Fair City is an "audio dramatisation" podcast from the history of Heart Life Tower - a tower in the frozen remains of New England. It's an awesome podcast, and a lot of the appeal for me is that the episodes are each around 10 minutes long - and you get a lot of story in a small space of time. #SickDays #StarTrek #StarTrekTNG #OurFairCity #podcast

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