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Barnaby Black  Wild Foraged Aromatics & Wilderness Distillery

Plants intrigue & embrace me. They are mysterious & intelligent. Without them we would not survive. This is Santa Rosa Island Sage. It grows wild in very small patches off the coast of California on the Channel Islands which makes it pretty rare for the world. I grew this in my garden and saved the seeds. Ponder the important medicinal values of plants & ponder, if this sage held strong medicinal implements for humans to use for curative properties. Now ponder a wild fire or condo development & this plants destruction. It would never be known. This is happening to our rain forests where other important plants grow & we will never know their relevance. Maybe we shouldn't know such things but maybe that's why we are all here in a harmonious diversity. #climatechange #palmoilsucks #lovetheland #saveourplanet #wildernessfreaks

Glorious winter is here! Our Hand Salves are formulated to moisturize & protect your hands against the harsh weather. Made with organic coconut & apricot kernel oils, beeswax & wild foraged aromatics. Our seasonal release is available now - white fir. Smells like a fresh cut, tangerine conifer forest. Only 36 hand poured tins. #organicskincare #handsalve #whitefir #wildernessfragrance

Our seasonal White Fir Hand Salve is available now. Keep your skin protected & nourished with organic coconut & apricot kernel oils, beeswax & wild foraged white fir pitch. Smells like a fresh cut, tangerine, mountain forest. Only 40 hand poured tins available. #wildernessfragrance #whitefir #concolorfir #handsalve #organicskincare #wildcrafted

Rancho Huichol. Organic peyote farm. Think sustainable. Think organic. Think green. Think on another level of consciousness. Available now. #wildernessfreaks #peyote #organic #supersofttee

Pouring a very limited run of White Fir hand salves. High mountain conifer, tangerine & fresh green forest. #wildernessfragrance #wildernessfreaks #concolorfir #handsalve

All lesser luminaries, borrow light. #wildfragrance #wildernessfreaks #organiccandle #wildhome

In pushing, destroying what we know & rebuilding, moving forward on a plain that exists to achieve something great, we find discovery. Rare Serum is our highest quality, skin & hair care product. Same Barnaby Black mantra - organic & wild crafted but we've stepped into another realm sourcing botanical oils for these protein rich & skin fortifying concoctions. #rareserum #skinserum #wildernessfragrance #oranicskincare #wildernessfreaks

Harvesting the fallen boughs of two leaf pinyon pine. Of all the conifers, pine captivates my imagination. It's diverse and sprawling nature. It's universal connection to the planet and it's genius Fibonacci arrangement. It's mystique is as grand as its aromatic range. I will never not love these trees. #wildernessfreaks #wildernessfragrancedistillery #pine #lovetheland

Our fragrances are the closest thing you can get to a walk in the desert or a hike through a fir forest. 100% wild foraged aromatics. We make our products because we are truly connected to nature & strive to transcend the boundaries of a deeper, innate kinship we all have with nature. #wildernessfragrancedistillery #lovetheland #wildernessfreaks #connectwithnature #wildhome #organicperfume

Atlantic white cedar. This is a glorious tree. Deep in the swamps they thrive in, a seemingly, inconspicuous evergreen with a grandiose, aromatic voice of ginger, electric tangerine, soft perfume & bright fruit. #wildernessfragrancedistillery #wildernessfragrance #wildcraftedorganics #atlanticwhitecedar