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Bari 💋  Mommy of Princess Stella 👑🐶 Die hard Miami Dolphins Finatic🐬😍🏈 Bonafide Shoe lover 👠👟

Yesterday heaven gained a beautiful angel. I met u my 1st week of highschool in our chorus class. The second week, I got my 1st detention ever for chewing gum. U asked our teacher for a detention too since you were also chewing gum &didn’t think it was fair because that was just the type of person u were. From that 1st detention we decided we would be besties &u made up our friendship name “Shanari” which we wrote all over everything. We would call each other every morning& figure out what we were going to wear so we could match. We would walk home from school& order pizza when we were about 15 mins from home so it’d be there by the time we got home. We were inseparable,you became my other sister. U let me drive my first car, u were with me for my first legal and non legal drink, u gave us the nicknames Shaq & Kobe &we’d make shirts for everything,we’d drink Smirnoff ice & think we were so cool, u always stood up for me when I was being bullied,u always told off any bf that ever did me wrong, anytime we’d get into a little fight you’d call me an hour later & ask if I wanted to go to Taco Bell,we’d go to hard rock after getting off work at 2 am & you’d make me stay out all night even tho I was tired& would want to go home but u were always the boss since you were taller lol. When we went to Halloween horror nights &we left at 3 am & u drove all night just to get me home in time for the dolphins game the next day, when I moved back home after college & you treated it as if it were my bday, when we joined the boys football team for 2 days,we’d have 2 bdays a year because we would share each other’s days,we’d tag ourselves in a diff location & pretend we were on vacation but we were really laying in your bed playing fruit ninja all day & eating so much junk food,we’d make penne alavodka &you’d tell me to stop acting like I got drunk off the sauce every single time lmao. We were a package deal. U were my best friend & other half. I will forever be grateful for this past week that I got to spend with u & your close friends & family, u were such a huge portion of my life & I will never forget u & stop missing u. I love u forever & I know you'll always be with me

Find someone who looks at you like you’re the #1 Draft Pick 🐬🏈🧡 #draftday

Heat Game for sissy’s birthday 🔥🏀❤️

I’m so scared to post this.. I haven’t recorded myself in almost 5 years and stopped singing 3 years ago because my morals and this industry don’t match. This is me being completely vulnerable, this is my true passion, this is who I am. I’m so rusty but this is all I’ve ever wanted and the rest is in God’s hands✨🙏🏽

Tell me you’re that somebody 🎶💜

Happy Valentine’s Day lovebugs ❤️❤️❤️ especially to those who are keeping their heart on reserve, you’re worth it ✨

Trueee 😂🙌🏽

Lemon Lime 🍋💚

1 ♡ 11 ; If God brings you to it.. he will bring you through it 🙏🏽✨

I can conquer the world with one hand, as long as you’re holding the other 🦋✨

When life gets hard, just know I got you 🧡🧡

2018... what the heck was that 😅🤦🏻‍♀️

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