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Barileng Exhale Ratsela  Barileng Exhale Ratsela🇿🇦

15 minutes 2 bed time i try by all means to get as much rest as possible this week ive been aiming on getting full 8 hours of sleep.
Good nyt yal🎇✨

TbT herbalife training.its not about selling the products its about giving the best services to your clients and making sure they really reaching their desired goals💚💚 @fitnesstycoon101 tracksuit

Tough day at gym.
When you have 100 reps to do straight without taking any break your mind will play hectic tricks on you if you not mentally fit you won't even get to half way.whatever you do DO NOT QUIT

Live in the moment. Tell your body what you want it to do, command your damn muscles to grow unleash the beast inside of you.take charge!!
@kings_slayer_47 you really challenged me. 6 arms exercises with a total of 600 reps. Great pump indeed

Today i learned about gym your mind does all the work not the body.your mind will tell your body to Not give up! You can do it! It will tell your body that pain is temporary.

Point is if your mind is not fit YOU will never like going to gym, or keeping up on ur program

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Good morning 😃 it is only a pleasure to share this video with you.
I've been using these 2 products in all my programs. Weight gain, weight lose and I have never had a problem of belly fat. Throughout the programs I have maintained a flat belly even when I was on a gaining weight program

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Leg day went started off very scratchy as i was fatigued from not sleeping my normal 8 hours but i pulled through i guess when you have a trainer @kings_slayer_47 that does all the exercises with you gym becomes more simpler

The new hangover.
💎muscle soreness 💎muscle cramps
💎the body feels very tired
💎constantly have the urge to
drink water
💎sitting down on the toilet sit and getting up Is a problem
Arms and shoulders are still sore I can't seem to reach out to upper cabinets in the kitchen
every weekend that's how I feel the pain never gets better because I never allow my body to get used to any of the exercises or weights I push so my body is always shocked 😳 but guess what I still rock up every day an every Monday at gym... learn to motivate urself and learn to ignore the pain, for as long as you want to look great and feel good you will have to endure pain nothing comes easy

💣💣 thunder thighs😎 bicep 💪

Taking a break during my leg session to refuel my body with @herbalife24 @rebuildstrength and @khanyi_baby_mahlangu was more than happy to capture 📷 the moment.thank you so much for spending the day with me

Crazy back session excited to see @khanyi_baby_mahlangu tomorrow shes doing a research on fitness so she will be hanging out with us as we close the week with leg day!!! I get soo excited when kids get curious about fitness!!!😃😃😃 i cant wait buddy

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I normally flex on Fridays but since yal got my back i thought unleashing the beast today wont be such a bad idea.

Look your best this coming summer
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High waist leggings @fitnesstycoon101

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