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Sailing With Dean Cropp  Ocean Adventurer ⛵ Underwater film maker 🎥 Waterman 🌊 Diver 🦈 Pirate ☠️ and Captain aboard @barefootcharter - Latest expedition film click here ⬇️ 👣🌏😎

Filming a huge admiralty anchor from the wreck of the Thomas King on Cato Reef. Perfectly clear blue water filming @dearwildme with the new @gates_underwater PA housing for my Red Epic. I am so excited to grade and edit these shots for you all to see... So amazing and coming soon!!!. 👣⛵️🙌 Thanks also to @pivotel_satellite for setting up the Barefoot Sat-Phone in the last few days before we left port. Now we can share more shots from the wild Coral Sea. Awesome 50/50 shot by @shotbysilke

That day you were #freediving for treasure but the bright blue Starfish beat you to it... So who thinks a Starfish is allowed to call first dibbs on pirate treasure? 👣⛵️😱💀 @dearwildme checks out a brass keelbolt jealously guarded by a resident starfish of Cato Reef 😆

Shipwrecks are like sunken cities. Free diving here feels as though your flying almost god like when the schools of fish part to let you glide though. 👣⛵️ #freediver @dearwildme ascending a dive on the Ex HMAS Brisbane shot on my Red Epic / @Gates.underwater PA housing / Nikon 13mm RS lens

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for"
We are hundreds of miles from land, no wind and a mirrored sea... So much wild in this calm as I stand on the bow drinking it all in...
Thanks for the awesome shot @captn_legless 👣⛵️😍🌏

WHALE ON... It's the hight of whale season on the east coast of Australia right where we are on expedition aboard the Barefoot. Whale close encounters are an absolutely life changing moment. To look eye to eye with these giants will humble anyone.

This is what a Manta Cuddle looks like...! 😍
Two Manta rays getting frisky as the sunsets. This is one of the last shots I got before the light was completely gone... Soon I will be free diving and filming with these giants in the Maldives at @anantarakihavah
So excited !!! 👣🙌😀

An island out here is like an oasis in a desert sea, this little patch of sand and coral is home to hermit crabs, birds and many hundreds of species of fish that cling to the coral reef that surrounds. Overtime I look at this perspective from my drone I see a new place I want to explore underwater, look at the little coral hole at the bottom of the shot... I think I will dive there tomorrow! 👣⛵️️😎 #barefootadventures2017

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came. John F. Kennedy 
Im so happy to be back in the Coral Sea 👣⛵️😀😍

At sunset Manta Rays get quite frisky, They dance and glide around one another in a graceful ballet of underwater spaceships...
#barefootadventures2017 👣⛵️

OMG Manta Ray... These gental giants were thought to be horned devils by early sailors. They almost seem supernatural especially when they leap out of the water! 👣⛵️

SUP or Snorkel... What would you choose?
It's was actually my birthday today!!! 🎂 Would you believe my mum still managed to find me way out here hundreds of miles from land on the Satphone thanks to @pivotel_satellite and the #bigbundle.. Well she found me once I surfaced from catching dinner! 😁👍

Magnificent Butterfly Cod, Those flamboyant spines are'nt jut there for show, they can pack a pretty big punch if your unlucky enought to get stung ⛵️👣 #barefootadventure2017

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