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Erica Catherine  find bliss. free your mind. enjoy the ride. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’–βœŒ

this candid photo captures so much love it brings me to tears. Watching my grandmother age and gracefully adapt to her reality has been an incredible life lesson. And my mother, well, she's so amazing on her own it's almost not even real. The amount of love she pours out of her heart into this world is just beyond fathomable; her selflessness I cannot even attempt to emulate, and her ability to forgive and leave the past behind her admirable. I'm so grateful that these two women were placed on my path with me. #nothingbutlove

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just love πŸ’™ #family

when you're too hot for snowshoeing πŸ”₯

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In memory of Weeble πŸ’–
After the funeral I jotted down some thoughts- these aren't new ideas, but ideas worth keeping close in mind and the kind of things accepting your mortality makes you think about. They're written throughout the board:

Follow your heart, it will never lead you astray.
Follow your passion, it will give you strength and energy.
Follow your dreams, for what else is there to live for?
Follow the sound of your heart beat, it's rhythm is just perfect for you to dance to. Sing like you can carry a tune, even if you really can't. No one really cares.
Speak from your soul and you can never be wrong.
Have gratitude for each moment of life, for it is unbelievably precious.
Love like you've never been hurt.
This is your life. You gotta make something of it.
Believe you can.
Make peace with your past. It's over now. The moment we have is this moment before us, and that's all.
Stay present, holding onto life while you still have the beat inside your chest. Because one day, you won't.

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someone came home after 4 months at sea and we kinda made a big a deal about it #belatedchristmas #welcomehome #loveyou

getting a little bendy in the middle of these two awesome chicas today #backbendflow

after a particularly emotional day, it was really nice to come home, turn the music up, and paint this old surfboard. I find it interesting how pain spurs creativity and creativity in turn spurs healing. I usually write, but for the first time in a long time, I decided to paint. While I'm not thrilled with the results, the board looks way better than it did and I feel better, and maybe that's all that really matters. And every time I look at this board, I'll think of Billy, and I think that's pretty cool πŸŒ…

never gets old #homesweethome

my grandfather tells me he still works out everyday- riding the stationary bike, doing push-ups, using the ab roller, and occasionally doing curls with canned goods...he turned 96 years old this week. so much love for this amazing man, a beautiful soul on the inside and out ❀️