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BARCS Animal Shelter  BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore City takes in over 11,000 animals each year. #BARCS #barcsbaltimore

We need your help. This is Rufus. He is our longest-term adoptable dog and after close to two months of calling this shelter home, he needs someone to prove to him that he is deserving of better.

Four-year-old Rufus was found by a BARCS staff member tied to a tree in front of our shelter. We can't imagine how sad it must have been for our sweet buddy to watch his owners walk away and leave him behind, or how scared he must have been to be left all alone.

We wish we could talk to Rufus so that we could tell him that what happened to him was not his fault and that he deserved better.

Whoever tied him up out front didn't clearly didn't realize what an amazing and special dog Rufus truly is. Rufus is the best buddy. Everything about him makes us wanted to snuggle him and protect him.

The way he wags his tail when he sees the people he loves, how he rolls around in the sunny spots in the grass and the way his big head smiles when he gets to go on a walk. He is bouncy, playful and loyal—everything you could want in a dog.

When Rufus first came to BARCS he was having some urinary problems. However, he was treated by one of our partnering Franky Fund vets and is doing much better. Rufus now urinates out of a newly created hole, which allows him to live life happily, as a normal dog.

We've promised Rufus he will never have to go through the heartbreak of being abandoned ever again. Please help us find Rufus his Happily Ever After—a place to call his own, a fluffy bed and the same loving humans to spend his life with every day of the year.

Your shares make a huge difference in finding our pets homes. Please come to our rescue again, for Rufus.

If you think Rufus would make a good addition to your family, you can come to meet him during any of our open adoption hours. Monday-Friday 2-6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 11-4 p.m.

On Wednesday, Henrietta was found within moments of her life at the bottom of a heaping pile of trash. She was thrown away, forgotten and nearly died. Today, she has a fighting chance because of our community coming together to save her life.

Since transferring her to the ER, Henrietta has had a successful blood transfusion and is eating small amounts of food on her own. Yesterday, her progress slipped, and her blood pressure and blood sugar were both low, but she is doing better today. At this time, Henrietta still too weak to get up on her own, but she can stand with the assistance of a veterinary technician placing her on her feet. She still needs round-the-clock nursing care to prevent pressure sores and keep up with her frequent feeding schedule.

The ER reports that she is a good, sweet girl who relishes every bit of attention she gets.

We’d like to extend a tremendous ‘thank you’ to everyone who donated to help support Henrietta’s emergency and ongoing care. The outpouring of love was so great that BARCS Franky Fund will be able to help more neglected, injured and sick animals in need of specialized and emergency care in recent weeks.

Every life is important. Together we’ve shown Henrietta that she is no exception. She is worthy of good health, safety and, most importantly, love.

Thank you for your support of BARCS and the animals we serve. —— To read Henrietta’s full story, or if you would like to make a gift to the Franky Fund to help BARCS always be ready to save animals like her, please visit our website:

FRANKY FUND: On Wednesday, a landlord in the Kenilworth Park neighborhood found a chilling scene when he went to check on his rental property. The property was filled with mounds of trash and filth and the tenant was nowhere to be found. Amongst the piles of debris, he heard the sound of a whimpering animal, but couldn't locate it. He called 311 for help, cautious of what he might find. When Baltimore City Animal Control arrived, they helped dig through the mounds of debris and refuse, following the sounds of the cries.

Underneath a panel, they found Henrietta and just a bowl of water, thrown away just like the trash piled on top of her. Skin, bones and too weak to walk, she was scooped up and brought straight to BARCS. While she looked like she was too far gone, she showed us that she still had hope by wagging her tail when BARCS Veterinary Technician Arick S. cupped her face in his hands.

Henrietta was only at our shelter briefly before being rushed to a partnering Franky Fund clinic ER, where she is currently fighting for her life.

Our Franky Fund, that supports the medical bills of animals critically injured or victims of extreme abuse and neglect, is currently negative. We desperately need funding in order to give Henrietta a fighting chance.

Give at

Henrietta is less than a year old. She weighs just 12 pounds, but for her size should be between 30 - 40 pounds. She has already endured a great amount of abuse and neglect, but we are going to fight for her so that she can live the happy and healthy life she should have had all along.

There is simply no reason or explanation to justify what happened to her. If ever a pet owner cannot care for their animal, BARCS and agencies like Animal Control are here to help.
Please consider making a donation to the Franky Fund today to help Henrietta. This fund relies completely on private donations from our supporters and is separate from our shelter operating budget. When you give to the Franky Fund, 100% of your donation goes directly to dogs like Henrietta.

Two years ago, our Facebook family helped find senior boy Willis a home. When he was at BARCS, he had a naked, ointment covered butt, he was itchy and he was worn, but he was full of life and exuberance. Especially when it meant back that naked behind into the lap of a human chair. His post here on Facebook reached nearly a million people—but all that mattered was that it reach one person, Heather. She became his adopter, mom and love of Willis’ life.

This past weekend Willis lost his battle with old age. He was in the loving arms of his family and went with grace and peace. “He was a gentle giant and loved all creatures, he was a lover but could be protective when he needed to be, happy and spunky like a puppy, throwing his toys in the air and catching them, and the most obedient and loyal dog I've ever known. We were so extremely blessed to have Willis for the short time we did.” We are incredibly thankful to Heather and all senior adopters who give our golden animals a second chance and a final forever. Without people like you, animals like Willis wouldn’t get to spend their last years on vacations, at the lake house, baking cookies, having photo shoots and being adored.

In memory of Willis, Heather asks that sometime in your pet-parent life you consider a senior. They are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the sunny warm spot on the carpet and the best gift you will ever share your heart with.

Rest easy, Willis, and thank you for being such a good buddy. ❤️

Little Tiger says welcome aboard the S.S. Tuna! 🚤

3-year-old adoptable Gracie is looking super stylish in her jammies this morning! Gracie has some skin problems that our vets are treating and wearing pajamas help her skin to heal 😊 Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Please, help us save our animals.
BARCS is out of space. We are waiving adoption fees for all animals in the shelter in order to make room for new animals that need to seek refuge at our facility. BARCS is the open-admission shelter for Baltimore City, we cannot turn new animals away, even if our cages are full.
Animals wind up in shelters by no fault of their own. They depend on us to get them the care they need, and we depend on our community (and beyond) to save their lives through adoption.
Please, we need your help to save the lives of animals like Rosie who came to BARCS by Baltimore City Animal Control when she was found roaming the streets of Baltimore alone.
Adoption fees are waived starting tomorrow Friday, July 6 through Sunday, July 8 for all animals in our shelter. Please share and tag any friends who have mentioned recently that they are looking to add a furry friend to their family.

Help us clear our cages. We can do it, Baltimore!

Thank you.

Meet gorgeous girl Camilla.
Camila first came to BARCS in March with a litter of seven kittens when her former owner could no longer afford to care for them. Once at BARCS she was sent to a foster where she could raise her babies to grow big and strong.
And that she did — her kittens all grew up healthy and strong and found homes of their own. But nearly four months later Camila is still here - she is still looking for a home and a family to call her own.
Camila was such a good mama to her kittens, but now she is ready to be the loved as the baby of the family.
Camilla is a bit shy at first, but once you've gained her trust she will give all the love and snuggles in the world. At just under two-years-old Camila is just a kitten herself— she is very playful and loves to run and chase toys. She can be spunky, and has the most loaveable personality.
Please help us find Camila the home that she deserves—a big comfy bed to sleep in, a warm sunspot to bask in and a human who will love her immensely.
Camila's adoption fee is waived and she will go home spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. If you think that you would be able to give Camila a loving home please email with a completed adoption application. Once your adoption application has been approved you will be able to set up a time to meet her. * Adoption applications can be found under the adoption tab at

Have you ever considered fostering? Now is the time! Join BARCS at The Petco Columbia and Halethorpe stores tomorrow from 1:30-3:30 to learn more about BARCS' fostering program and how you can help save the lives of animals in need.

Foster care volunteers provide temporary care for kittens, puppies, dogs and cats. When you become a foster for BARCS, you are giving a second chance to an animal who needs temporary relief from the shelter as they heal from injury or illness. We hope to see you there! Thank you to the @petcofoundation for partnering with us on this awesome event!

Please, ten-year-old Winston needs your help. He needs a home, and a family to call his own.
This is such a good buddy, but is scared and confused here at BARCS—he’s never been to such a loud place, he’s only ever known a home. Winston often sits at the front of his kennel and cries and whimpers for help. He wants human affection. He wants love. He doesn’t belong in this place.

It's hurting our hearts to watch Winston spend any of his golden days at our shelter.

Winston has shown us over and over again what a good boy he really is. He’s a BFF to both humans and dogs. Only a few days ago, BARCS volunteers were stuck in the hallway with a scared dog that was too afraid to walk to his new “home” in an office. Another volunteer knew to get Winston who guided the other dog with gentle encouragement looking back often to say "come on buddy, it's okay." He even offered gentle nose nudges to his friend when he was too scared to continue walking.

Outside in our play yard you would never guess that Winston is ten years old. One of our volunteers recently discovered his love for playing with a Chuck-It ball. He will fetch and return the ball over and over—and not for treats, just for pets and snuggle.

Please help us find this amazing senior baby a home. Tag your friends and share so that his post will spread far and wide.

Dogs:  Winston has met other dogs here at BARCS and our team feels that he could benefit from continued socialization. BARCS offers free unlimited training to all animals adopted from BARCS.

Medical: Winston is in need of a dental examination and has several small masses that will need to be biopsied. He will need to see a veterinarian shortly after being adopted.
Cats: Because Winston came in as a stray,we do not have any information on how he interacts with cats. If you do have a cat at home BARCS offers free introduction methods and guidance for all BARCS alumni.
Winston's fee has been waived thanks to our Love Lasts Forever Program. If you think you could open your home to an animal in need please visit shelter

Courtney, our resident party purr-rincess, is celebrating waived adoption fees and hoping for a home of her very own.
If you are looking for a lap cat, four-year-old Courtney is the girl for you. There is nowhere on the earth she would rather be than curled up in your lap or snoozing next to you while you work.  And who doesn’t want a cat that likes to wear little hats?! Courtney came to BARCS after she had been abandoned outside by her former owners. The BARCS Community Cat program staff found her eating out of a dumpster, fighting to survive.  Now she is looking for someone to treat her like the fabulous queen that she is.
Courtney's adoption fee is waived and she will go home spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Medical: Courtney is in need of a dental exam from a veterinarian and will need to visit a doctor soon after adoption.

The Incredibles litter needs foster! These six-week-old little beans are in search of a temporary home where they can grow big and strong.

The Incredibles are a bit shy at first but are sweet as pie and are happy to be held. They snuggle straight into your arms as soon as you pick them up and offer little purrs. Plus they are just cute as can be... who can say no to these faces!? The Incredibles are currently on eye medication and antibiotics for a cold (URI). No previous foster experience needed!

BARCS is completely out of cat space and is in urgent need of fosters. If you think you can welcome the Incredibles litter into your home please email with a completed foster application.

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