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BARCS Animal Shelter  BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore City takes in over 11,000 animals each year.


After a long Monday, all Callie wants to do is cuddle with her foster dad! Life is hard as a cat.

~ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle~

4-year-old Shelly had so much fun in our play yard yesterday!

Our animals are in desperate need of blankets and comforters!
Our building is older, and the ground that our pups lay on is hard and can be uncomfortable, so we like to make sure that each and every dog has nice soft, cozy blanket to snuggle into. Sometimes something as simple as a blanket can give a dog enough of a sense of safety and security to allow them to relax inside of their kennels. This is extremely important because we want every animal to be as comfortable as possible during their stay with us.
What we are in urgent need of:
Comforters (no feather-stuffed)
Fleece blankets
Cotton blankets
Woven blankets
These items do not need to be new! In fact, we love worn-in comfy, cozy stuff!
Thank you so much, everyone! Donations can be dropped off at our adoption center Monday through Friday from 2 - 6 p.m. and on the weekends from 11 - 4 p.m.
Or, if you don't live around Baltimore but wish to help, donations can be mailed to BARCS c/o Lisa Morabito, 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, MD 21230.
Needed items have also been added to our Amazon wishlist.

Okay, friends we need your help again. 14-year-old senior bonded pair Zisi and Bozo, are looking for a forever home.
We know taking on not one but two senior pets is a tall order-- but we are optimistic that there is someone out there willing to give these two a second chance at love.
Zisi and Bozo were surrendered to BARCS in late January. Their owner was moving to another state and couldn't take them with him. Now they are alone without a family to love them, scared, confused and wondering what they did to end up here after over a decade of being great cats.
We can't imagine how scary it must be for Bozo and Zisi. Where is their home? Where’s their favorite sunspot they frequented for two decades?
But even with such misfortune, these two are lucky to have each other to depend on. Through the years Bozo's vision has begun to fail and he leans on Zisi for help. Zisi's mere presence makes Bozo more comfortable in new places and around new people. We like to think that Zisi is Bozo's angel.
Both cats are shy at first but learn to trust quickly after when our volunteers spend time with them. Zisi will often push gently into their arms, and loves softs pets on the head. Bozo loves to reach out with his paw as if asking for cuddles. Such sweet buddies.
Please help us find this pair their Happily Ever After. They deserve to spend every single one of their golden days in a home filled with sunspots, comfy blankets and the same loving human to care for them every single day of the year.
Bozo and Zisi lived with small children in their previous home and did well in their presence. They have also been around other animals intermittently and did well.
Bozo and Zisi are both recovering from kitty colds (URI) and will be sent home with the remainder of their medications and should see a vet soon after being brought home.
Because Zisi and Bozo are 14-years-old their adoption fees have been waived thanks to Kaylee's wish adoption special, which is sending senior pets home. Their adopters will receive a $20 Petco gift card, and the Petco Foundation will donate $100 to BARCS for their adoption in memory of Kaylee.

The BARCS’ BFF Waggin’ is goin to Glenn Burnie! They'll be at PetSmart tomorrow from 12- 3p.m. with plenty of adorable, adoptable animals looking for their forever homes. Check out the flyer for details!

Happy Valentine's Day from one-year-old Elizabeth! Our volunteer, Jen, was trying to get her to sit still for pictures today but Elizabeth was only interested in kisses❤️ So darn cute.

Today, while we're all thinking about the gifts we'll receive, the dinners we'll have, and the time we will spend with loved ones, sweet, senior buddy Jay will be waiting in his kennel, hoping for a Valentine...hoping for a home.

At nine-years-old, it hurts our hearts that Jay is spending any of his golden days at our shelter.
Jay needs an angel to show him that he is more than just a shelter dog, and he’s worth more than the life he’s lived up until this point. He needs someone to show him that love means taking care of each other and, most of all, that family means forever. And if that could happen today, what an incredible Valentine’s gift that would be.

When Jay came to BARCS he was so emaciated that his little eyes had sunken deep into the back of his head.
Jay was covered nearly from head to tail in deep cuts and scrapes both new and old and also had inflammation in and around his eyes. BARCS' medical team quickly cleaned and stitched his wounds and began treating his inflammation and managing his pain.
It is clear that Jay has not had an easy life up until this point.
And while we can't know what horrors he's endured up until now-- we promised him he'll never have to know them again.
While most dogs seem nervous and upset to be in our shelter, Jay seems thankful. We imagine he's grateful that he doesn't have to worry about where his next meal will come from and relieved that he has somewhere safe to rest his head at night. Even after everything Jay has been through, he hasn't forgotten how to love. Dogs are amazing in that way. When our volunteers give him attention he will often close his eyes tight and lean his whole body into their chests-- as if he's is hoping that moment will never end. He quickly steals the heart of everyone he meets and we haven't met a single person who hasn't had great things to say about him.
He is hands down one of the sweetest, most tolerant buddies we've ever met.
Jay does not coexist peacefully with cats and needs to go to a home without any feline friends. Jay did okay when he met other dogs, however, he could benefit from continued socialization.

Little doggies kissies in our play yard 🐶 Love is in the air here at BARCS 💕 will you be coming in to find a forever?

Meet Corral the contortionist- aka "the purr machine" aka the best silly weirdo around. Rest assured Corral's signature, belly up pose is no false advertising...she actually enjoys having her belly pet!
Corral is hands down one of the friendliest cats we've ever met. She absolutely loves to be loved. She enjoys being brushed, begs for pets and will to plop down right onto her foster mom's lap and hang out (if she fits she sits.) She's also very playful and loves chasing and playing with pipe cleaners. What a catch!
Corral is currently on a high protein, low-calorie diet to help her lose some of the extra weight she is carrying so that she can live a long happy life. She needs an extra special adopter who will keep her on an exercise and diet regimen.
When Corral came to BARCS she had a significant amount of matting, so a fair amount of fur needed to be shaved off of her back to keep her comfortable.
Six-year-old Corral is ready for her forever home. You can meet Corral by completing an adoption application (www.BARCS.org) and emailing it to foster.barcs@gmail.com. Be sure to fill it out entirely!
Once applications are approved, meet and greets will be scheduled around Corral's foster mom's availability. Sh will also be at PetSmart Glen Burnie this weekend on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. with the BFF Waggin! Because of Corral's age, her adoption fee has been waived thanks to our Love Lasts Forever program.

Baby Bill found the perfect home today at the event at @petvalu_us. We can't wait to get updates and see how he grows into those ears! 🐰

**WAIVED FEES EXTENDED: $0 adoption fees will now continue through the weekend in order to help up free up cage space at BARCS amid additional intakes.** Since our post on Tuesday, asking for the community’s help in finding our animals homes, 41 animals have already left the building through adoption, rescue or lost pets being claimed by their owners, with more slated to go home today! But, since that same post, our open-admission shelter took in 70 more animals in need of refuge…and our doors are STILL open to animals who need us.

This means that we are still very low on space and need the help of our community and beyond to save lives.

Right now, we especially need help getting our dogs adopted like Murray, a one-year-old pup with ongoing special medical needs for a condition with his ear.

To promote continued adoptions, we are waiving fees for all pets in our care. Finding our dogs and cats homes is an urgent matter. During the winter months, it's critical that we have space for all the homeless and stray animals that need our help.

If you’ve been thinking lately about welcoming a pet, now is the time where your adoption will make a big impact in helping animals in Baltimore.

Fees are waived* from now until SUNDAY at 4 p.m. Regular adoption procedures still apply. (Please bring a valid photo ID that matches your current address, or an additional bill or bank statement with your current address.) Our shelter is located at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, 21230.

If you can't adopt at this time, PLEASE SHARE.

BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, 21230. Our adoption hours are weekdays from 2 - 6 p.m. and weekends from 11 - 4 p.m. *Baltimore City residents responsible for $10 city licensing fee.

Come out to @thenickeltaphouse on the 15th for a tap takeover for the animals! Proceeds help us care for Baltimore's homeless animals. And the best part? The Nickel bartenders can't wait to show you a million photos of their BARCS-adopted pups. 😉

Cutie pie Bill is going to be on the BFF Waggin tomorrow at the @petvalu in Lutherville-Timonium! Bill is two months old and is already an expert cuddler. He needs a family who is ready for the big commitment that comes with adopting a puppy. Can you give him a forever home? *Adoptions for this offsite event are first come, first served. ✨Please remember, while there is only one Bill, there will be other wonderful dogs and cats also on the BFF Waggin' that need forever homes.✨ Please bring a valid photo ID and proof of address to adopt.

BARCS’ BFF Waggin’ will be in Lutherville-Timonium tomorrow with adorable, adoptable pets looking for their forever homes. Check out the flyer for details!

Beer sipping, wine tasting, spirits and cocktail sampling, live music and snacks...all for the animals! Join us for the first-ever Pours for Paws at Second Chance. Your admission includes food and a mini commemorative mason jar, so you can enjoy all-you-care-to-taste samplings from dozens of beer, wine and liquor vendors.

Tickets: $40 per person - all you can eat and drink, plus mini commemorative mason jar.

Please, no guests under 21 years old will be admitted and no pets are allowed at this event.
Questions? Email tgosheff@barcsanimalshelter.org. And stay tuned for the exciting list of beer, wine, spirits, cocktail and food vendors!

RUNNING OUT OF DOG SPACE, ALL ADOPTION FEES WAIVED: Baltimore community and friends, we really need your help tomorrow and in the coming days. We must find homes for our adoptable animals ASAP.

In the past week, BARCS has taken in nearly 200 new animals. As you may know, BARCS is an open-admission shelter, which means when we are very full, we continue to keep our doors open to any animal in need. Right now, we especially need help getting our dogs adopted (like Bruce, a big, handsome and playful pit mix who's been waiting at BARCS for a home since Thanksgiving time). To promote adoption, we are waiving fees for all pets in our care. Finding our dogs and cats homes is an urgent matter. During the winter months, it's critical that we have space for all the homeless and stray animals that need our help. But to save lives, adoptable animals must leave to make room for more.

If you’ve been thinking lately about welcoming a pet, now is the time where your adoption will make a big impact in helping animals in Baltimore.

Fees are waived* from now until Friday at 6 p.m. Regular adoption procedures still apply. (Please bring a valid photo ID that matches your current address, or an additional bill or bank statement with your current address.) Our shelter is located at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, 21230.

If you can't adopt at this time, PLEASE SHARE.

BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, 21230. Our adoption hours are weekdays from 2 - 6 p.m. and weekends from 11 - 4 p.m. *Baltimore City residents responsible for $10 city licensing fee.

Don't forget that this Thursday night is Trivia for a Cause at Blue Pit BBQ!
When you eat, drink, or play, you will be helping the animals at the shelter have better lives and help homeless animals in Maryland find loving homes.
And, hey, if trivia isn't your thing, but charity is, all you have to do is show up and grab some drinks and dinner! Early birds, arrive at 4:00 PM to get a jump on Happy Hour. BARCS will be receiving 10% of all Blue Pit BBQ sales! See you there!

Lawrence or Torrey, Pats or Eagles—either way the animals win!

Thank you to both amazing guys for all your support of BARCS, Show Your Soft Side and our event, Pawject Runway. Can't wait to see you both on May 5!

CAT FOOD NEEDED: As you may already know, BARCS has launched a Managed Intake Program, to help solve simple problems for pet owners who want to care for their pets, but are short on resources to do so. The goal of this program is to keep pets in the homes of the families who love them, and out of the shelter. Before this program, many pets were surrendered to BARCS simply because owners could not afford pet food, needed a crate, or for other easily-fixable problems. Now, we are providing those much-needed resources to Baltimore pet owners.
We are completely out of the cat food set aside for this program and we need your help restocking our pet food bank to serve this need.
We are in immediate need of wet and dry food for both kitten and adult cats. Any brand of cat food or any type of cat food at all will be very greatly appreciated.
Food can be dropped off Monday - Friday from 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Or mailed to BARCS c/o Lisa Morabito 301 Stockholm St.
Baltimore, MD 21230.
We have also added needed items to our Amazon wishlist.
Please consider selecting the subscribe and save options through our Amazon wishlist to set up automatic monthly donations of food to help support our managed intake program.
As always thank you so much, BARCS family, for your support of our organization and endless love for our animals.

Okay friends, we need your help. This is Jordan. He is our longest-term adoptable dog. After close to three months of calling this shelter home, he needs an angel to prove to him that watching the world go by from behind his kennel door isn't all this life has to offer.
Jordan came to BARCS in November when Baltimore City Police Officers found him running as a stray. Officers suspected that Jordan has been hit by a car, and it was noted that he was bleeding from his mouth, had several patches of hair loss and fleas. Jordan has since been treated by our BARCS medical team and is now a healthy boy.
But he's still here. He's still waiting to get adopted.
Every day, Jordan walks calmly up to the front of his kennel every time someone walks past and sits patiently. He often sticks his nose through his kennel fence and stares up with his big brown eyes as if saying, "Please pick me I'll be a good boy!"
But for months and even when on his best behavior, Jordan watches adopters pass him by. One-by-one he sees other dogs go home, and he stays. That must be so hard for such a soulful and people-orientated dog like Jordan.
While Jordan receives love and attention here at BARCS, at the end of the day he's tucked into his kennel where we imagine he wishes and dreams of a family and somewhere to call home.
Jordan absolutely loves to run and play fetch. He knows sit, stay and will give you his paw over and over again--even without promise for treats. He loves to give kisses and butt scratches are just about his favorite thing on this planet. After just one walk and a few pets Jordan will love you forever.
Jordan is strong on a leash and has a lot of energy. When he goes on walks, he often gets overexcited and can become leash reactive but he takes correction very well. Because of this, Jordan is looking for a very special adopter who is willing to continue working on training with him. BARCS offers free unlimited training and socialization sessions to all adopters. Our staff trainers would work with Jordan's adopter on a training plan. Jordan also needs to find a home where he will be the only dog.

Um, can you say foster room goals?! 😻 BARCS kitty foster Angela has THE most awesome foster room to host her little visitors. #foster #fostersrock #fosteringsaveslives .
(Foster kitten Sweeney in the video is not yet ready for adoption. She is working on her people-skills at this time. Interested adopters can keep checking back on our website where she will be posted should she become available for adoption. Thanks!)

Get out of that winter rut and join BARCS at The Charles on Wednesday, February 21 for a fun and charitable night! Admission is a simple name-your-own donation at the door, which includes your first, specialty “BARCS inspired” cocktail. (Big thanks to our friends at The Charles for this generous donation…don’t forget to tip the bartenders!)
The evening kicks off at 5 p.m. and lasts until 8 p.m. Happy Hour menu will also be honored during this time, with snacks ranging from $4 - $8 and drink specials from $3 - $5. Full menu is also available during the event and has vegan and vegetarian options.
P.S. Name-your-own donation means that the more generous your gift, the more animals are helped. We’ll accept both cash and cards at the door. Help us raise $1,000 to feed 1,000 meals to our cats and dogs!

Pebbles at PetSmart Glen Burnie is a must-meet! This chunk never gets tired of being pet, sounds like a squeaky toy when she talks, and has the daintiest little twinkle toes. (And this face! 😂) She’s been waiting in her cage since before Thanksgiving, hoping each day to be adopted. But, her spirits never waiver—she doesn’t have an once of sadness in her. If she’s this happy to get love from visitors, imagine how amazing she will find life in a home, with a real family to call her own.

11-year-old Pebbles is part of our Kaylee’s Wish promotion for senior animals. Her adoption fee is waived and with her adoption comes a special gift card for supplies to help care for her.

If you’re looking for a friendly, silly, loving kitty, this is your girl. Pebbles would even make a great friend for first-time cat owners.

Looking for a low maintenance, super chill kitty? Three-year-old Charlie is your girl!

Charlie is a perfect companion cat. She loves loves LOVES being around people-- even when given free roam of her foster home she prefers to be cuddled up right next to her humans. That’s her happy spot.
When she’s not snoozing next on the back of her foster dad’s chair, Charlie’s favorite place to be is inside of her cardboard box. She sometimes hides on the inside and will jump out when people walk past as if playing peek-a-boo! Charlie absolutely loves boxes-- maybe more than any cat we’ve ever met. Such a goofy kitty!
On occasion Charlie enjoys playing and will chase after dangly toys or toys on strings. However, her bursts of energy don’t last long and before you know it she’s back to being snuggled up on a chair or in her box.

In her foster home Charlie gets along well with other cats, she is very tolerant and playful. With proper introductions we feel she would be a wonderful addition to any cat home.
Charlie can get overstimulated easily, so we feel she would do best in a home with children old enough to understand when she may need space. At this time we do not have any information on how Charlie is with dogs, however, if you do have a dog we offer step-by-step safe introduction instructions for all pets in the home.
If you are interested in adopting Charlie please email foster.barcs@gmail.com with a completed adoption application. Once your adoption application has been approved you will be able to set up a time to meet her. * Adoption applications can be found under the adoption tab at www.barcs.org.

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