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Michelle Mata | 👙  GOAL IS ⚫️ First to empower you ♥️ Help you build and develop a body you love 🏁 Help teach you how to keep that figure for life @michellematafitness

#MakeTheGymFunAgain 👌🏻 You know how? Every single workout should be different from one another every time. Your body = is a machine. It’s an impressive beast of a machine that deserves to be used in many different ways! This is what I preach in my training sessions. This is why I have three clients that drive an hour to come and train. One of which drives almost 5x a week an hour here and an hour back because she believes this is an experience. Not a horrible every day, same workout gym time. If you’re not having fun - you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not changing it up - you’re doing it wrong. It’s easy - let me teach you ‼️ Let’s go!

Happy Friday 😍💕 So in one week we have traveled ✈️ from LAX to Baltimore, MD then 🚗 Driven to D.C. and back to MD and then drove 4 hours 🚙 to New York 🗽 and so I’ve gotten to see a bit of the east coast for my second time visiting my fiancé’s family. My verdict: I don’t think I could move to New York, it’s cool but just so different than what I’m used to. I have mixed feelings over MD but it was nice. I was super proud of myself even with snow I could go to the gym every day ✅ Also traveling and eating around New York truly doesn’t have to be expensive as you can really find plenty to do in NY for free! Museums, site seeing and of course be smart about where you eat so you don’t spend a ton of money! 🧸 We Gad a great Valentine’s Day ♥️ We walked 16 miles in two days ☠️ Overall a super busy, fun trip!

We are having fun being tourists in New York! Fun fact we got away today with spending only 13 dollars 😈 coffee and Tom got a hot dog lol. His family bought us lunch earlier. Mainly I felt guilty from all the crap I ate all week that I didn’t want to eat more crap but also too eating out costs too much and it’s not always worth the cost. (Both calorically and financially lol) anyways! Having a blast in NY so far! We walked 17,000 steps today!! 🤘🏼 You know the trainer in me loves that! I’m going to get some sleep and try to get a workout tomorrow early morning 😻 #newyork #bigapple #travel #travelonabudget

⁣Full body workout at home or at the gym, ⠀
all you need is two dumbbells ✅⠀
✖️ Man Maker Burpee 10lbs x 20 (Combo is a push-up, renegade row and squat to press in one)⠀

✖️ Dumbbell Squat to Upright row 10lbs x 20 ⠀

✖️Plyometric Pushup (Side To Side) 20 reps ⠀
▫️Modification is on knees ⠀

✖️Squat jump twist to squat jump again 20 reps ⠀
▫️Modification is Squat Pulses for 30 reps in place if you cannot jump ⠀

✖️Three point sit up, hands clenched together touch the center, then each side and repeat for 20 total reps ⠀

✖️Plyometric push-ups, inner grip and outer grip 10 reps ⠀
▫️Attempt the explosive version, if you cannot complete the reps with good form do it with control instead of explosiveness as modification (10 reps means each one of Inner and outer, 10x) ⠀

✖️Alternating Toe Reaches 20 reps ⠀

✖️180 twist squat jumps 20 reps ⠀
▫️Modification Squats in place fast for 100 reps ⠀

✖️Hammer curl press combo 10lbs x 20 reps ⠀

📢Repeat three rounds 😎 No machine cardio today if you didn’t modify at all. ⠀
◽️If you modified ... add 20 minutes stair master.

East coast fashion 😎 I’m loving the boots and leg warmer combo 🙌🏻 Haven’t skipped a day in the gym all week and I’m feeling slim 💪🏻 Earn your body and you’ll never wear a loose clothing piece again ✅ Who’s scheduled already next week to train with me?

Learn to love working on yourself. Remember you only have ONE life to live. Don’t do it for others. Don’t do it for the skinny waist. Don’t NOT go to the gym because you’re so worried about what others will think of you. Don’t worry about the men in the weight room and stress out over the lack of women. Be one of those women. Be active. Focus on improving your strength and turning your weaknesses into strengths. Embrace the challenge, the soreness, the sweat and the time it takes to sacrifice for you to work on yourself. Love it because you only have one life and one body. Treat it like a temple.

Snow ain’t got nothing on my motivation ‼️ Do you guys know what my favorite favorite body part is to train? ... 🍑 ... no. Lol Upper Body 💪🏻 So I have to remind myself to do some glutes so that my upper body never looks unsymmetrical. Who’s training with me next week! 💦💦 #happyvalentines week

Pretty simple but effective workout today ❄️⠀
Here in Maryland ☃️⛄️⠀
1️⃣ Single legged romanian deadlift 20lbs x 10⠀
2️⃣ Stiff legged deadlifts 95lbs x 15⠀
3️⃣ Sumo Deadlifts 95lbs x 15⠀
4️⃣ Conventional Deadlifts 185lbs x 4 🤪⠀


I was kind of worried that I’d be in Maryland and be on a trip..... find it hard to motivate myself to go to a gym .. however I found that with this weather not being exploring weather I almost had an itch each day to go to the gym because I’ve been cooped up in a house all day. It’s been wonderful and it’s been awesome to be able to bring content to you guys each day. 😎 I’m going to New York on the 13-15th and then I’m nervous for not working out. I’m just nervous I won’t wake up early enough to make it worth working out. I’m going to try to make an F45 class if I’m nearby. #workoutforfun #fitnessaddict

Don’t neglect your upper body ladies 🙌🏻⠀

1⃣ Barbell bent over row, underhand grip x 15 reps ⠀
I am using a 35 pound, if you do not have this ability grab a EZ Bar for 25-35 pounds. If you dont have a bar at all grab a cable machine “bar attachment” adjust it to the bottom, or just use 15/20lb dumbbells instead⠀
2⃣ Overhead Press using 35 pound bar, same idea for modifications x 15 reps⠀
3⃣ EZ Bar bicep curls x 15 reps (Same idea, if you don’t have access to a bar, use 15lb dumbbells each hand or a cable machine bar attachment⠀
4⃣ Alternating bicep curls with a twist of the wrist, 12.5 lbs each arm for a total of 20 reps⠀
5⃣ Dumbbell Row variation 12.5lbs x 15, elbows are driving outward away from the body and driving up away from the waist. ⠀
6️⃣ Lastly finish off with my favorite, Arnold press with a bicep curl using control on the way down, 12.5lbs x 15 reps ⠀
Please go heavier if you can! ⠀
Finish with Rowing machine for 500 meters ⠀
Treadmill sprints 7.0 one minute, 3.5 30 seconds, back to sprints one minute repeating for 30 minutes ⠀
⠀ ⠀

I’ve been asked before what my hobby is.... other than eating 😂 and shopping ... truly (if I can get far enough out of my head of the usual “I’m tired”) I adore exercise. I love weight lifting, I love anything physical like sled pushes, tire flipping, box jumps, deadlifts.. I love hot yoga, I love burpees even (🤩) and nothing can stop me 🥶 Even 28 degree weather here in Maryland, snowing outside ... we made it to the gym a second time today 😱 Find yourself a trainer that lives and breathes what she preaches. Find yourself a trainer more positive about exercise than you so she can change your mentality. Find yourself a trainer that can tell you “I GET TO WORKOUT” not “I HAVE TO WORKOUT.” Remember it’s a blessing every day to be able to wake up, walk out of bed and be strong enough to be able to workout. It is a gift. Don’t let that sh*t go to waste! 🙌🏻 #lifetimefitness #lifetimeathletic

Todays full body workout 😈⠀

Tag your friends to give this a try! ⠀
Follow @michellematafitness for more workouts ⠀

1️⃣ Dumbbell Squat to press 10lbs each arm for 20 reps ⠀

2️⃣ Dumbbell Renegade Row Alternating 10lbs each arm 20 reps ⠀

3️⃣ Corkscrew 20 reps ⠀

4️⃣ Dumbbell Snatch 20 reps each arm 10lbs ⠀

5️⃣ Tricep Dips x 20 reps ⠀

6️⃣ Finish with treadmill sprints 7.0 one minute, 3.5 walk one minute for 30 minutes !! LETS GO!

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