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Beata Evans  Spread positivity and grind! 💎 CEO of @bikinis_by_wozniak 👙 🥇 Bodybuilding Bikini Competitor 💎 🇵🇱/🇩🇪 in 🇺🇸 💎 🎓 Engineer/Scientist 📍 Dallas, TX

I’m the same crazy fat bitch, skinny bitch, fit bitch from all my pasts, that’s been like a chameleon with the steps I take in life. The only thing that keeps me going is the evolvement of my mindset. Improvement as a woman and a human being is required to get to the next level of self-expectations. Constant growth and work is required. Reinvention is my power! So let me use it, and watch me step up my own levels!!!! Queen - the female ruler of an independent state (of mind, body and soul). ...
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Sooner or later, it will catch up with you... you can’t run from it forever if peace of mind is what you seek - note to myself.
To become more than a woman, you have to go beyond the beauty, intelligence, kindness and all the great things that make you a great person. You have to elevate everything you are, including the decisions that will change your life forever. Seek your truth. Know the truth. Face the truth. Be the truth.

I’m just here, with my brand new perfect smile, looking at you lying out your ass motherfuckers and thinking, ha, none of you can level up to my grind, bitch bye 👋😁 Human decency and courtesy, learn that shit! Matter of fact, study that shit! Y’all can’t fool me with that bullshit you hypocritical saggy dry ass balls peanut butter ass crack looking... go away! Please! Thank you! Good bye. Fuck! 😂
And get off my shit sir, or bitch, whatever! Whoever! I can’t stand y’all full of shit mofos! Go away! Jesus, they took you on that cross for these fools?! Fukkkk!
Ok I’m done. Let me get some coffee before I start shooting some idiots 🤣 ok I’m good now! Y’all chill! Barbie is ok, just had to vent. Yup, just had to vent..... motherfuckers!!!! Fuuuukkkk! 🙄 yup I’m done. 🤣🤣🤣 fucking clowns. ...
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You will never understand my grind unless you’re willing to sacrifice it all, for everything you believe in. Understand who you are. Believe 💯 in what you can do. Eliminate bullshit. Have your own back. Show them idiots your ass but never your moves. Grind. Hustle. Work. Love. Don’t worry them fuckers watching 😉 keep pushing! ...
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Strong women been through hell and back. See, I was called many names; difficult, different, crazy, freak, too much, bitch, stuck up... the list is pretty fucking long 😂 most people had or have problems with me, because of my personality. You can’t know it if you only “know me” from IG and booty pics, that shit is just a picture. Now, let me open up your mind little further... you wouldn’t like me much if we met, unless you’re a extremely honest person and real with yourself and others. And we all know that you probably bullshit yourself most of the time. So yes, you wouldn’t last long in my life. I fought for everything since I was a little kid. I was brought into a world of struggle and pain. I watched most women in my family struggle and fight. Most fights were with the men in their life’s. See, I come from fire, I don’t take shit from anyone and I give no fucks about humans that wish me bad. They don’t know, I’ve been in the worst, I came from what they’re wishing me. So believe me when I tell you to fuck off, because I will not waste a second on people’s dumb ass opinions about my ass! Call me what you want, I still will stand strong and I still will beat you with my work ethic, my hustle and my good heart! Because my mothers love saved me from the hell and it is a gift she gave me, that will keep that fire burning until I die. Here’s to all strong, mentally and physically women. Your pussy only got the power if your heart and mind is in the right good place. Now, let us continue become amazing 🙌 luv y’all ❤️ ...
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Some people just want to touch your body and some your soul. Be aware of who you let into your life, some hide behind a mask and some behind words. The ‘demons’ will take your body and your soul and trust me if I say, you will have to put up a fucking fight to get it back! So don’t let them take your mind too and be lost forever. Remember, you choose who you let into your life, as same as you choose who you want out of it. Ones you leave the door closed for the toxic people and open your mind for the light... let that light in, and shine! Spread that shit too, like unicorn poop and the demons will never have any power over you!!! Yes, this shit was little “poetic” but you know what I’m getting at! Get your sexy on if you’re feeling it, don’t let anyone tell you what pics you can’t post just because mofos out there got issues, but remember, you are in charge of all your decisions! Don’t be stupid. Be kind, but not stupid! Yes I said it twice! 😤 And to them thirsty mofos, get out my fucking DM’s and go slide into a job or something that moves your brain cells and not your dick! Yeah I said it what!? Exactly! Nothing! So double tap my pic because this the only tap you get and keep scrolling lil dicky 😂😂 Uuuhhh this was was a nasty one, damn I need to write a book! Title: Unicorn Poop by Barbie 💁🏼‍♀️ lol Fuk yo couch I’m out ✌️😂😂😂 By the way, I’m making a new word. Dicktarded. And if you can’t figure out what I mean by that, or get your feelings hurt, well shit, fuk your feelings and go check yourself and your dick. Ok I’m done. Sorry, some of these DM’s just got me wondering how many creepy fucktards are out there 😩🤦🏼‍♀️ and yes, some women aren’t better either. But that’s gonna be chapter 2, I’ll call it, the Hoetarded Victims. Yup, no fucks given. Don’t hate me, the truth is simple, so I really don’t care how you feel about me. Humble yourself, check yourself.
#dicktarded ...
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Me, waiting on Pizza 🍕 delivery 🙄
No, I don’t have a pretty caption for this, it’s a butt and a bed and $50 bikini bottoms 😂 Yes, my bikinis will make your girls butt look amazing 🙌😁 Anyways, gotta go y’all enjoy my Humpday pic, I don’t have time for shit this week, gotta go ✌️😘 ...

Everything becomes crystal clear ones you silence the noise, sit back and observe everything from the “outside”. Have you ever “self checked” yourself? Have you ever thought of what person you are? And not because of what fake ass picture you’re trying to paint for others to see, but what kind of influence you have on others and their lives and yourself. Were you able to make someone smile, because you’re living or doing your best to live a positive thinking? Were you able to listen to someone by actually hearing and seeing them, which made their life or the moment much easier while they’re going through some shit. Did you took care of your child today? Did you tell your girlfriend she can be anyone she wishes to be? Did you tell your loving mom you appreciate her? (Not talking about the terrible parents) Did you tell your friends you’re thankful for them? Did you go visit or called somebody that means a lot to you to make sure they’re ok? Check on them? Did you look in the mirror and saw yourself for who you are without lying to yourself? Did you checked yourself and humbled yourself down to understand or learn who you are and think you can always improve and become better? Listen. People don’t change. People either grow(up) or stay stupid. You can’t really change your character or your genetics, but there’s always room for improvement. I want to be the woman that will help you overcome your fears, struggles and heartbreaks. I’m not perfect, I’m still fighting my own fucking demons, but I’ll never stop wanting more for myself, more personal growth, that will allow me to help you succeed as I helped myself. So if you were a bad, ugly asshole today, sit your ass down! Humble yourself. This world don’t owe you shit! Work for it and understand one thing, love will get you to the happy place motherfucker, not hate! There! I’m out ✌️ ...
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They say “always do what you’re afraid to do”. Well, problem is, I’m not scared of shit 😂😆 but definitely didn’t want to leave the gym with a fucked up back. I was actually about done with my leg workout, when I saw this girl @bodybyjohnson doing all them crazy things. My first thought was, bitch run, because Mr. @tf365 is crazy! 😂 But Kylela, she just kept going and going, and I’m like one of those white people in a scary movie, where you know exactly she shouldn’t be nosy and just run, but no, bitch goes to look for the fuckin boogeyman 😩🙄🤣 Well, long story short, they said I can do it, so I did it. And I didn’t die 💁🏼‍♀️ I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous because of how I messed up my back long ago... yet, I wasn’t scared, because Trevor explained to me how to do it right. Yes, I could’ve done more, and I’m sure next time I will. See, this is what I encourage women to do! Support each other, become great together! I never met this girl before, she end up doing a big box jump after I did mine and I end up squatting 4 big plates after I saw her do it. Always improving... ...
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Know your weaknesses and work on them until you exceed your own expectations! I was being extra and added some pull-ups after my back and arms workout. After I watched this video, I made the next 2 sets with a full stretch 😁 Always improve, because if you’re already doing it, make it count! ...
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Great women don’t run the world with their looks darling, they run it with their character; achievements, accomplishments, their desire to become successful, knowledgeable and helpful to everyone around them. The beauty is not your boobs or your ass, those are “assets”, anyone nowadays can cover their face with make up, fix anything with Botox and fillers... but the character, personality, how you deal with others, you can’t make-up that shit! You can cover it up for a minute to fool someone, but eventually the real you will come out. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t fake yourself, it won’t do you any good, karma will fuck you over sooner or later. Be beautiful on the inside and watch the happiness unfold 🙌
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“Delivery me from my enemies oh god
Defend me from those that rise up against me
Deliver me from the work of inequities
The savior from the blood of me”
Constant growth is required. Constant change is required. Constant work is required.
If nothing changes, nothing changes. If you don’t grow, you stay stagnant. So how the fuck do you expect more if you’re not putting 1000% in?
I’m going beyond my expectations or my limits. Fear has no place in my life any longer. Only the work ethic and the constant changes and personal development, as an athlete, human being and woman.
If you want to become better, you gotta do better. ...
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