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Beata Evans  Spread positivity and grind! 💎 CEO of @bikinis_by_wozniak 👙 🥇 Bodybuilding Bikini Competitor 💎 🇵🇱/🇩🇪 in 🇺🇸 💎 🎓 Engineer/Scientist

Definitely not a morning person 😴 And definitely need coffee ☕️🤤 Ok, let me edit this so there’s no confusion, since everyone who sees a booty pic thinks of one thing. Can’t blame you of course, it’s a nice pic, I took it 😂 but fun on the side, I train legs 2-3 times a week a I’m almost constantly sore. Today, I’m not doing shit. I’m tired. I’m exhausted and I had a really hard time to wake up. My mental is strong but I’m exhausted. My mind works 24/7 and everything I do or talk about is my business or the gym or diet. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I love this lifestyle, but fuck, I need a break for a few minutes. It’s really hard to do so, because I want to be successful and grow my business. But ain’t shit gonna grow if you don’t know how to rest and burn out. It’s like my body. Tired. I’m gonna lay at the pool for a few and try to think about nonsense and stupid stuff... otherwise I’ll drive myself crazy. It’s ok to take breaks. Never get used to them, but allow yourself to shut everything off time to time. Love y’all! 😘😘😘

Well, since it’s Flex Friday 💪😊 here, my best off season yet 😍
I thought I’ll speak real quick about the “diet issues” most competitors deal with after they’re done competing. Not only have I seen clients, but friends and not long ago, myself, having some serious fucked up unhealthy relationship to food and body images. I went fluffy as fuck into my off season on purpose, I do this constantly. Let me explain why... I sabotage myself constantly! Don’t ask why I do this, but it works for me 😂 anyways, I went fluffy and did a few photoshoots (like the pic from yesterday). Not only I ate what I felt like eating but didn’t care. Every day I was telling myself I’m beautiful and I like my fat stomach! Those who remember my videos, I constantly blasted my thickness and gave 0 fucks what others thought until I felt amazing and loved everything about me. I also wanned to create bikinis for thicker women, so I was my own mannequin 💁🏻‍♀️ but besides that, I can go from fluff to shredd whenever I feel like it, and only IF I FEEL LIKE IT! Not because it looks nicer or to have others like it, no! I’m not a skinny type, it never was my thing, but one thing was mine for sure, to lift some heavy ass weights 🏋🏻‍♀️ in order to gain better muscle, I had to eat better. Also, after a while of eating like shit, I felt like shit and my stomach was constantly upset. But I don’t weight my food or freak out if I ate a damn donut. I stay healthy, do some cardio and eat when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full. Simple, old school, on point. What’s the moral of this whole text? 😂 Bitch, love yourself!!!! If you wanna stay lean, do it because you like how you look and not because some retarded page on Instagram gets you likes 🙄 And if you get fluffy, so what, get fuckin fluffy. And slap a mofo that has a problem with it! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Slap him like a skinny pimp with a furry coat on 👋😂 sorry can’t help it, I’d love to slap someone who talks all the shit but looks like a fuckin Gollum with a curled pickle dicky. Omg I need to stop, hopefully no kinds read this shit 😂😂😂 ok luv y’all! Go flex on a hater and try to make someone’s day 😁😘😘😘 Bye! #1800slapahoe #😂 #flex #flexfriday #bootygainz

Stand up and Raise my Queens 🐝
She is the brains and the power, mind, body and the soul...
She doesn’t ask, she takes it, owns it, and destroys it if you step in her way. Woman’s power is bigger than any voice, she can give life, a home and peace, yet capable of taking it.
What do you do if you can’t control a power like this because it’s threatening to you? You tame it. How? By putting names on it, using every possible force. Only a housewife. Only a mother. Only a housekeeper. Only a nurturer. Put her in chains of marriage, put her in a house with bunch of kids to take care of, put her in clothing so no one can see her, so she can’t have a voice. Put her away!!! She’s nothing, she’s just a female.... Now, watch a woman breaking out the chains that humanity has put on her long ago and watch her unfold. She’ll be labeled very quick. Slut. Whore. Bad girl. Terrible woman. Horrible mother.... In Africa, they still circumcise women, cut their clitoris off so she can’t feel pleasure. I’ll not describe the full procedure and what happens to them on their “first night”, you can google that. It’s sick!
I represent strong women who stand up and feel strong to speak their mind, who don’t care what others think of them and do what they feel is good for them. I’m highly educated, yet got the other side of me I can’t really explain. It’s wild and it took me a long time to accept it. I love my body and my mind because I feel like I can be everything. Women are created for greatness and I hope we keep raising and standing strong. I don’t need permission from anybody to be me. And I will never allow anyone to tell me what I can’t do! It’s hard to be a strong woman, but I rather be that, than play a role what others want to see.
And by the way, any dumb shit DM’s gets blocked, this is not a fucking dating profile so get off my shit if you don’t understand the meaning of my page. Thank you, shiiiiiiit! 😂 damn horny goats dick pics I swear! 🤮 Yes it’s an ass, smile, like put a heart ♥️ or 🤗 and chill 😂 ok I’m out ✌️💋 #strongwomen #happyhumpday #fitwomen #motivation #womenempowerment #womensworld #beautifulwomen #feminist #queenbee #🐝 #fitandthick

Real women empower each other! 💜 @flexxybrown thank you for having me in your YouTube video with my bikini collection. I’m very thankful 🙏
#Repost @flexxybrown with ・・・
Excited to have @bikinis_by_wozniak with @barbiebeefit as my guest on #flexxybrownyoutube segment thank you @themrsmoyer for face-slaying and @styledbyamandamacc for my @flexxycollection by #bikinisbywoźniak #iamsheilahe💜 #iamthatdungeondiva😈 #flexxybrown #sheilahe #youtubechannel #strongwomen #womenempowerment #beautifulwomen #strongtogether

This was a almost 3 hours session at the gym 😂 pic 3 explains, ok I need food now 😅
I don’t have set hours or time for how long I train or any schedule or a plan. Sometimes i go for 30 minuets and still kill it. I go and see what I feel like doing or what body part I need to improve. I just train to feel good, nothing else. Been bodybuilding for about 6 years now, and now it’s all about listening to my body. I’m about the health more than the looks, I’m 36 and don’t feel like walking around injured and in pain, trust me, the older I get the more I’m tired 👵🏼😂 I do get lots of requests to train with people, but I’m not always into it, I’m not into “gym-buddies” 😁🤷🏻‍♀️ Why? Because I like to be in my world and in the zone and if someone is with me, I’m only half in it, because I will focus on you too. And most people like to talk or ask bunch of questions, and I’m not a trainer and I have no patience 😂 sorry! Unless someone knows exactly what they’re doing, I don’t mind time to time. Anyways, yes I’m selfish if it’s up to my gains 😜😎 Oh another thing, I eat healthy but don’t count my macros, just make sure to eat enough protein. I’m definitely shredding slowly, not as same as on prep, but it works for me. I had to free my brain from competition diet and the craziness of wanting all bad foods after competing. This year is simply for my health, feel good; look good and enjoy the whole fitness part without feeling under pressure 😊 Y’all have a great day, I’m off to cardio 🏃🏻‍♀️ ...
#fitwomen #strongwomen #gymchicks #gymlife #💪 #fitness #bodybuilding #fitandthick #motivation #dedication

Wake up, welcome the day and let’s work. I’m still building my bikini/competition wear -business, and at the same time my body. It is very hard to find any balance in my life, and as @david_ryderwear said “balanced life, it is a complete bullshit” if you want to be extremely successful, because you constantly have to make sacrifices. And as same as he said “would I want to change if for anything else?” Fuck no!!! So I keep living my unbalanced crazy life, I’m always tired, go to the extremes, crush, go hiking, rebuild, do this shit over again 😁 And I’m really cool with that. My mom keeps telling me on the phone “well, this is the path you chose, I don’t know why you can’t live a simple life..” I said mom, I’m not made for simple, I’m made for really big things. I love the obsession and thinking about going back to work 9 to 5 as a scientist or engineer is just not me, never was. That was easy money, because going to school with my IQ (and I’m not being cocky here, just real and honest), that shit was easy. I don’t like easy. Easy bores me. Easy makes me anxious and it feels like I need to break out some chains or something. Trust me, I used to pray to wake up and wanting to be “normal”, meaning, not to have the urge to want a damn building with my logo on it, but simply,work in a building for someone and be happy with it. I was laughing when someone told me last time “oh, with your social media and this body, you can get many sponsors”.... I said” darling, you don’t understand, I want to be THE SPONSOR! I want to be that mad bitch that sponsors amazing hard working people and athletes! I want to run a business that pays for their stay and their first class flight and gives them free stuff with monthly money. So yes, fuck your balance, I’m not resting until I get there! I’m already in lala crazy land, so if I go more crazy for this, so be it! But sacrifices will be made. I don’t get to see my family for a year, don’t buy new clothes or shoes, travel on vacation, don’t go out eating/drinking or party. And I’m totally ok with it. I have the ones that support me, and they know my love for them😘 #workingwomen #hustling #strongwomen #neverstop #dedication #motivation

Mood: 👄🤷🏻‍♀️ Lol Sunday vibes I guess 😂 Traps, Shoulders and Chest 😂

Mood: ☕️ Good morning everyone! 🌼🌼🌼 Most of my pictures are taken the day before, trust me, you don’t wanna see me when I get up before I had coffee 😂 who else is like that? 🤪
Of course first thing, I look through my phone 📱 and some messages, yup, I need coffee first to answer that 😂 Anyways, wish y’all a great Saturday 🤗🤗🤗 #barbievibes #ineedcoffee #☕️ #mood #fitwomen #goodmorning

I asked, “what the fuck you looking at, never seen a real woman with some real ass cellulites?” Than I flexed on him and jumped in my white Beamer and played Scotty... bzzzzz 🐝 beam me up, I’m off to my next work 😈 I simply gave up on helping idiots out of their retardness! I swear there’s mofos out there all big on social media and acting like little bitches when you try to face them 😂 say it to my face! No? That’s what I thought! Keep walking.... 😂 I’ve been done explaining myself for who I am and why I am me. I distanced myself from empty brains and little dickys 😂 I’m just here now, to show women, never let a mofo tell you a fuckin thing about you if it’s pure hate, jealousy, body shaming or whatever insecurities they put on you! A mofo/mofee that does that, simply has big times insecurities themselves and something is seriously wrong in their lives. Unhappy people don’t want to see you happy, they love to bring you down so they can feel better about themselves. And you know what, I shit big diarrhea on them! Like a huge ugly fucked up unicorn that just took a big dump on them! Yup. That. Fuck them, we do us! We here to win and we’re here to work hard and make things happen. Let them watch! Ass in their face and we ballin 🤑 It’s Friday, like every day, we gonna hustle! I seriously love y’all for all the support and I hope I’m able to help some of you to become more confident!!!! That’s why pic 2 shows my flaws and trust me, I got plenty. From stretch marks to bumps to hairy places where King Kong would be jealous 😂 No fucks given tho! 🤣 ok I’m out!!!!! Much love 💗🤗 #fitwomen #real #realshit #💯 #realtalk #lol #cellulite #quennbee #fitchicks #nofilter #fuckwithmeyouknowigotit

About 6 years ago I started going to the gym, but for the first time I was serious about it. I didn’t know a damn thing about bodybuilding or diet, I just knew I wanned to stay thick but through muscle. Back than, haha, shit, everyone was like “don’t get too big” and was like, bitch, if it was that easy 😅 I had to learn how to exercise and although I was moving my body the way the machines were made for, I felt so lost and frustrated a lot. But the fact was, I wanned to get buff so I kept doing these weird movements 😂 I didn’t give a shit what anyone thought of women with muscle, I knew I wanned to look like I felt; -fuck with me and I will beat the living hell out of you until it starts feeling like cardio-🙃😂 today, years later, I finally understand the whole science behind muscle-mind connection and feel every contraction and stretch in every part of my body that’s under work. It’s the experience and the practice that makes you get to that point of feeling comfortable in the pain you’re putting your body through. Yes, I love the pain, I love to feel sore and maybe it’s my creepy fetish 😁 As a scientist, the diet was very easy for me to understand, but I had to put it in my head, if I want to build this muscle, I need to have a decent clean bulk, it’s hard sometimes, I really love unhealthy food 😩 but!!!! look at me now! I’m not shredded, and you can already see some definitions. I never felt good skinny, through out competition prep, jeez, I felt like I had no ass at all! So here I am, heavy weight lil monster 😈😂 And for the ones out there who just getting started and feel annoyed and frustrated, trust me, I understand! But fuk yo feelings, keep pushing! Have you ever seen a buff pussy? Exactly, so stop being one and fight this shit! And ladies, I swear if anyone tells me “I don’t wanna look like a man if I lift heavy”, I’ll smack you, hard. Really fucking hard! First, lift heavy, than tell me something about it 🙄 ohhhh right, your booty getting bigger? Interesting right? “Looking like a man” my ass! Duh 🙄😂 shut up and lift and watch your body transform into beautiful curves and shapes, like a woman! You’re welcome 😉 now let’s work 😈
#fitwomen #fitandthick

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