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Sean Collins  Owner, @MurderofCrowsBarbellClub. CSCS; USAPL Athlete Rep, Sr. National Coach & Ref. Coaching inquiries:

It was an absolute honor and privilege to coach 18 of you through Raw Nationals. Thank you for giving me everything you had; from your efforts in training, to your complete trust and confidence in our game plan, and your integrity & measured composure as competitors. Each of you brought your best to the platform and I thank you for not only being exemplary athletes for the greater @murderofcrowsbarbellclub family, but for each of you being involved in my growing and learning as a coach, cycle over cycle, year over year.
Chief among the lessons is that none of this would have been possible without the help of our community. @nthomas90, you fucking rock, dude. I really can't put into words the appreciation, love, and pride I have for you. You have really done an excellent job as a coach, athlete, and leader, and I am incredibly thankful to have you on my team.
A huge thank you to @jamilaemani, @thisislize, @cat_lifts, @physiostrengthnyc, @restingliftface, @mattressrob @vin.kenmorebarbell, and our team captain, @bananalunch, for helping out in every single way imaginable. You all did so much for the team, from loading, recording, cheering, and supporting two (very) tired coaches, this years Nationals would not be possible without your selfless efforts and sacrifices for your team. I am incredibly proud to have you all as athletes and friends- you all represented MoC with distinction, and are truly integral to the incredible strength of our community, our not-so-secret weapon. Huge thanks to @kurtrod, @smiiilez, @kilolama and @srhcas for holding down the fort, putting on the livestream for everyone, and sending well-wishes throughout the week.
Lastly, I'd like to say thank you to my wife, @feedme_tellmeimbeefy. Your undying support for me, our family, and our community has always left me in wonderment. There were more than a few times where your disposition and presence uplifted me from chaos, and you are single-handedly my driving force as a man, husband, and coach. Everything I do is for you and our cat, and I appreciate you taking time away from your own business, after newly-doubling your staff, to be with a bunch of rascals. I love you.

GM! @murderofcrowsbarbellclub did really well this past weekend at USAPL’s Northeast Regionals. @cat_lifts went 7/9, hitting an easy 5kg comp PR on bench, and a smooth 15kg comp PR on squat. Cat battled through mad shit, from getting sick a week out, bouncing back from a hernia repair and injury, she is our true Jean Valjean. I couldn’t be more proud of her performance and despite her being one of my favorite platform athletes, I’m very much looking forward to weeks of pursuing jackedness. @veggiepowerlifter went 9/9 (for the first time!) with a 12.5kg PR squat, a 7.5kg bench PR, and a 10kg deadlift PR. She is one of the coolest members of the team, always schooling me on what’s lame (everything I like) and being one of the most genuine folks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. She even stopped the car so Kayleigh and I could devour the best lobster rolls ever despite her being a vegetarian (I realized that way too late, like when Bruce Dub realized he was ghost). @nthomas90, as is always the case, was critical for this performance. You’ve grown so much as a coach and I’m so proud of you for forging your own path in this sport and business, and watching you develop and work with athletes has been one of my greatest joys and achievements. We make a helluva team, and I could not ask for a better coach, friend, and teammate in leading our team to a successful 2018 Nationals campaign. You’re the man, and I’m low-key making sure I’m reading the latest literature to try and keep up with your growing knowledge base. Finally, thank you to @feedme_tellmeimbeefy for always being such a trooper at these events. You lead an entire tech company and you’re the (way) better entrepreneur out of the two of us, yet you’re always making time for me and our community to make sure we’re spiritually nourished, and for a non-feeling robot like myself, you’re always my constant reminder to smile, put my best foot forward, and to be a better man and leader. I love you. Speaking of I love you, @kissmyarch and @kylepower are pretty handsome online, but def try seeing them irl. You won’t regret it. They are as beefy as they come. Ok thx bye. #usapl #brooklyn #powerlifting #fitness

My darkest day as a coach was electing to go for a bullish second DL attempt rather than securing the Arnold’s qualifier for Alex, causing him to miss by just under 2 wilks points at 2017 Nats. I replayed the day in my head for months, up until we secured 601 at SBWC for a third attempt. Today, Alex repped this out for a fantastic triple. Moments like this are just as joyous as they are fleeting, but I wanted to take a second and write about it, and most importantly, shout out @squatsinthecurlrack for not only always pushing me to be a better coach, but for his ability to get the work in regardless of what life throws at him, his close friendship to me and the @murderofcrowsbarbellclub Nationals team- taking on the intangibles that makes a team excel and push each other in unique and special ways. Tonight was a huge win for us, man, and I’m so excited to see what we sandbag at Nationals this year 😈

I just love loving you, @feedme_tellmeimbeefy.

Beltless deads being retired with a nice 205kg/446lb PR triple @8. These felt a lot worse than they appear in video, but surprisingly my lower back felt fine this AM. Tomorrow is my last high-bar squat session! Had a lot of fun developing that system but I can’t wait to low-bar 2x a week. Prep is going very well so far! #usapl #powerlifting #deadlift #74kg #spaghetti #squats #bench #fitness #strength #love #brooklyn #nyc @croninstrength @barackobama

TYVM to @croninstrength for being there for me for the misgroove of 2018. Outside of that last rep, happy to be back to repping 190kg! #squats #bench #deadlift #usapl #powerlifting #fitness #strength #gm #spaghetti #carbs #hangry #lifthangry @barackobama sup

Very sloppy high-bar PR for 185kg / 407lbs for my triple @9. Thank you to @barbellsocial and @squatsinthecurlrack for telling me to go up literally every set lmfao. Let my hips take over after a crazy misgroove on my 3rd rep but overall happy my quads have caught up to my posterior chain in squats. Perhaps not in size, but hopefully in strength 😂😂😂 GM tho and great seeing the homies @luke_mathewson @kevintran410 @jsmith74kg thanks so much for driving out this far to lift with your boy. #strength #fitness #squats #bench #deadlift #powerlifting #usapl #love #brooklyn @barackobama are you still linearly progressing on your squat?

GM. Hit 185kg / 407lbs for 4@8, slightly heavier than last week but progress is better than stagnating (not to say temporary stagnation is bad! But progress is certainly preferable haha). Did my heavy squats and deads on Thursday so I can rest up and go HAM with the homies @kevintran410 and @jsmith74kg on Sunday. Looking forward to handling my dude @physiostrengthnyc this weekend! #strength #fitness #usapl #powerlifting #lift #nyc #brooklyn #love #obama #squat #bench #deadlift #gm @barackobama great speech the other day my man. @feedme_tellmeimbeefy and I watched the whole thing!

GM. Morning squats went well with the homie @nthomas90. Hit 182.5kg / 400lbs for 4@7.5ish. I find 4’s give me just enough volume with just enough intensity to drive my squat numbers up. All 5’s do is make me wanna speed up and lose positioning just to get through the hell of it all 😂. In any event, happy with this, and pleased with the technical adjustments thus far. #squats #bench #deadlift #usapl #powerlifting #fitness #strength #brooklyn #nyc #love

Hit 137.5kg / 303lbs on my 1@(supposed)8, but had zero commitment to bar path and tightness right before the touch, and I paid very heavily for that lmfao. Happy to be moving this weight this early on in the cycle! Testing out the new camera so y’all can see this shit single in HD 😂. @barackobama this is what I mean when I say you gotta be a little more careful on the pause w/ comp bench. Make sure you send me your weekly check in! #strength #usapl #powerlifting #fitness #nyc #brooklyn #unitedbarbell #squats #bench #deadlift #powerlifting

GM fam. Welp, I finally left The Shire (the six block radius of my apartment and @murderofcrowsbarbellclub lmao) and headed over to @unitedbarbellinc to celebrate their grand opening this past Saturday. Really happy that we kicked off 1@7’s with 227.5kg/500lbs. It’s still hard to believe that this weight is doable this early on, but it certainly helps that I was lifting in an A+ facility with an A+ crew. Thank you to @xavilai and @nick_spitaliere for being so welcoming, and for someone who normally hates going out, I had one helluva evening with some of the best folks, so tyvm to my fam from another ma’am who came thru @croninstrength @nthomas90 @stephie_squats @mattressrob. Great seeing you @bacon4prs! #love #brooklyn #latergram #powerlifting #lift #love #fitness #usapl #longisland #strength #squats #bench #deadlift #nyc @barackobama you, me, @squatsinthecurlrack and @feedme_tellmeimbeefy gotta go next time. Bring the mrs!

GM. Team @murderofcrowsbarbellclub performed very well at the 2018 USAPL NY State Championships! 19 competitors came down and earned themselves PR’s, medals, and for three athletes, their first competition total. @kevintran410 Earned himself Best Male Lifter. Collectively, our team won best Female & Male Team. I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of you- in your own individual way, each of you displayed what it means to be a MoC team member, on and off the platform. I could not have had a weekend such as this without the outstanding efforts of those who chose to come out to support their teammates, and those who chose to volunteer their free time to give back to the sport, and those who did both. I will post all the photos tomorrow with a performance recap, but huge special thank you’s to my *way* better half, @feedme_tellmeimbeefy for helping me herd cats on her BIRTHDAY (I love you, beautiful. You are truly one of a kind.)@nthomas90 and @croninstrength who are the most selfless, attentive, and professional game day coaches who did such a great job despite being under constant pressure. @squatsinthecurlrack for the intangibles. The video. The presence. The cloaked conversations just to look cool. @markluehringjones for housing us and PAYING FOR PIZZA 😡, and our very own team captain @bananalunch from encouraging and assisting those in the greater PL community, and for representing MoC with class and sass. And now, GN.

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