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Kolton Barnhill  Man of God and your friendly neighborhood Nerd 🤓who loves to play sports and music. ❤ Taken by the most amazing girl in the world ❤

When you blow dry your hair and it makes you look punk rock. So you gotta complete the look sorry Josh stole your guitar and sorry mom I stole your leather jacket

Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the beauty all around you. The world may seem dark and gloomy at times but if you look around you there is beauty in God's creation. He made the sun, the moon and the clouds on the sky. I challenge you to stop at least once a day and see what God has in store for you. I challenge you to see his creation in all the marvels and beauty in which he intended it for. #Godscreations #beauty #nature #sky #clouds #seetheworld #challenge

The things I find and the things I see while I cut grass... found this squash in the middle of an empty yard today and last week I had an encounter with a bear #lawncaremania #lawncarelife

She nose just how to make me happy.

Lemongrass bergamot and grapefruit these three oils smell like fruit loops!! It's great try it out #essentialoils #youngliving #oillife

Hey if you need me I'm out of the web just hanging

Little fella just chillin beside me

Spider-Man homecoming with my girl @thatswingdancingnerdgirl it was a great film 10/10

Great day today had lots of fun hanging out with this fun lady her bother, her kitty and her puppers. Thanks for having us over and letting us terrorize your animals @dylanna_

Late night snack with my girlfriend @thatswingdancingnerdgirl cupcakes with lemon and citrus fresh icing #essentialoils @spoiledforlife_yl

*no caption needed*

When your bae wants kisses and acts all cute about it. #cutiepie #kisses #boyfriendgirlfriend #couplegoals #poutylips @thatswingdancingnerdgirl I love you

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