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Bao Phan  Hi my name is Bao but you can call me Daddy ™ | Stanford '21 Δ Δ Δ HighFive Enthusiast


•not teen moms but we would’ve made great ones 😉

•San Francisco, the city by the Bæ 🌺 (we just do ‘grammable things okay, Tyler?)

•yea we cant believe we moved all of our shit across campus by ourselves either

•super duper grateful I got a quick taste of Michigan summer ☀️🌽🌺🐟🌦

•peace out Stanford, you’ve truly been a dream 💫

•my heart :(

•would someone like to come over and let me draw on their iPad you can have some asian jelly cups and 7 falafels while ur here

•Verns is my best friend wow

• a great lil memorable memorial days weekend

•the kids had a great weekend 😋

•please please don’t leave me ❤️❤️

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