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Banjo Manser  Body Piercer @oculustattoo

Made a little jewellery display out of an old frame to show off some of the ends I have available to pierce with.

Just having a play around with some anodising colours.

This anodised pinky/purple horseshoe with lavender opals needs to find a home in somebody's Daith.

Shaved my head, Archie likes it.

It's Saturday and I feel like doing some piercing! @oculustattoo

@littlegremlinn made me these next level candle milkshakes as a thank you for her daith piercing. they smell freaking amazing! Head over and check them out @day_st

Today the awesome @littlegremlinn came in for her free Daith piercing & took it like an absolute champ!!!

Hoops at work!! ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ€

I like green opals! Do you?

Opals on Opals!
This Tri end attachment from @invictusbodyjewellery is actually pink but has glimmers of greens and blues depending on the lighting.
If you're interested in this or something similar hit me up or follow the link in my bio to book a time. @oculustattoo

Even a simple ball captive ring can make your piercing look completely different when anodised. *note this is the safe way to have coloured jewellery not toxic paint*

To sleep perchance to dream, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come.

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