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Wherever I go I know I'm home. I've crossed 10 states in a few days of driving and from Maryland to Texas there are people I love.

Now I have a few good days with my grandparents in Texas to stretch my back in the sun with the rattlers🐍

So I've been doing some freelance work while I'm traveling back to the great West, if anyone needs some graphic or design work I'm ya man.
Here's two logos for my good friend @paigesnpages non profit C.R.O.P.S.
And the album cover for my brother @duffmaestro a.k.a. COYDOG's EP

Okay I found the OG bumpy dino log. His name is George and he's enormous.

We drove all the way to the Southern tip of Florida and didn't see a single Aligator... where the OG dino's at? @beauski88

Sometimes you meet souls on your travels that you just really fucking vibe with. Souls to play music or souls to play love, and souls to play business, and souls to watch the skies above.

As I leave everything I have been doing on the East coast, I know I go to heal. And I realize all the souls throughout my life who have loved me whole heartedly even if I could only love them half heartedly, for a short moment, and for those that know I'm talking about them, I am truly grateful.🌿 📸: @devynalyssa

Faux Leather Hide on a massive Wall Mural

Both by the amazing Kieth Haring

Processing images and processing inspiration for new pieces and new shows🌵

I'm forever drawn to cities for their music, food, and art. Not sure if I could ever live in a microscopic apartment in Manhattan but it fits more friends than my Tacoma.. So thankful for these beautiful people for showing me around 🙏🏽

I got to see one of my favorite humans from Panama
& I got to see the Chinese New Year
& I got dumplings

I peed in this world famous art today.
By Marizio Cattelan
18k gold

Retrieved this from the deep shadows, at least my mama gets to see I played on stage. 📸 :@ruthless_photography

P.s. @douglastolman + I built this stage in less than 20min and it was perfect

Currently dying of the flu, but having fever dreams of a beautiful show with beautiful humans much thanks to Jo! @savagedangerwolf with @slugmag 📸

Can't stop wondering at how many beautiful and talented people I have all around me, all my love to the 300 or more people who came to support real artists doing what they love❣️ Thank you to @shaninblake and the Shakes and everyone who played tonight and jumped in. The show is up 4-10 tomorrow and we will have more live music for y'all

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