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the best twins - alex💚  created: 7.21.17 - @crafted.alexx😉 working with my friend - @k_sketchyt 💛 he doesn't follow yet🙈 • ❤️x0 💬x0 📥x0

; happy birthday Alex! @craftedrl
ugh you are my favorite person out of The Pals and Ive known you for a month but I just love you to death. You are so funny and just such an amazing person. I hope you the best and I hope to see you someday! I love you, and just keep up the great work! also my alex acc is @crafted.alexx ❤️ tag him?

; hello! I am recruiting for my group, #palsfangrp!
The rules to enter the recruit are simple,
must be following the hosts:
me and @k_sketchyt
must tag 2-3 people under this video that may be interested in joining this recruitment
2 entries max, and must be video edits
deadline is August 20 - picking up to 8 people
also put your edits under #palsfanrct

- some ppl don't think I like sketch but I honestly adore him!! ------------------------------------------
Also, it's my first edit of sketch I made for this acc.
And plz check my recent it's flopping.
~ love @bandirve ♥️♥️

- probably my last time using this video, but it's just another #plottwist ♥️ enjoy!! Also if you can tag @bandirue plz, it would mean a lot to me

— i love you Ethan 💚 @bandirue
collab - not rlly - with @k_sketchyt 🤷‍♂️
make sure to follow her!!! ☺️😝
rm/ib: @onlyobrien

; I made my first edit ☺️ @bandirue
#plottwist I freaking love this so much💚
I'm so happy about this edit I made 😭😊

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