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Mikael Bandick  ⚜️ RAISE THE BAR - Spirits Consulting ⚜️ Ambassador - Restauranggrossisten ⚜️ Bar Equipment & Hoshizaki Ice ⚜️ Bar Consultant - O’Learys Trademark

Testa maten på M8’s South American Streetfood i Saluhallen Örebro. Sjukt nice @orebrosaluhall #saluhallenörebro

Vaccation over, let’s put on a tie and kick some ass. #raisethebar #mensstyle #fashiongram #mensfashion #menslook #elevate #menswear

Miss the dinners with my Cantineros @sim_onk @plainbean @rob_abrahamsson

Sunday mood

”Evaluate, summarize, develop” - after every workshop. Photos for the new website out soon. #rasiethebar

”You need tools, you think of me” - Raise the Bar provides you with everything you need to create magic. Make sure to visit @restauranggrossisten at #raisethebar #restauranggrossisten

”You guys want the guests to respect you for what you do? give them a reason to do so” - photos from the new website coming soon. Thanks to the team @satinnattklubb #raisethebar

”Every detail counts” new photos for the new website. Limited edition napkin from watch from @klockmastervasteras #raisethebar #armani #elevate

”Getting ready for showtime” - new photos for the coming website. #raisethebar

”The drink needs to be perfect” - using my bar tools from my partners @restauranggrossisten #raisethebar

”Trying out the drinks before workshop starts”. New photos for the website coming soon. #raisethebar

”Getting to know the spirit”
Photos from the new website. Thanks to @itsvarro for amazing work. You are a true champ. Thanks to @satinnattklubb for hosting the photo session. #raisethebar

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