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☆Banana power★  《Ok so my big goal is to get 100 followers! No hates also! >:3 Let's go my bananas!》(U follow I follow)

Ugh school. I hate it and love it.

Capri Sun @baconlover128 and @sassy_pants4551? Inside Jokes are awesome :3

Truer words have never been spoken.

Rainbow around the sun. It was in my backyard!

Been busy with vacation. Here is Harry Potter! :3

YOLO is soo 2013. Now it's LLL. Living like Larry

#TGSIFO <---Thank Goodness School Is Finally Over!

Cat ninja! ♡♥♡♥ adorable

Happy Earth Day!! \(^-^)/

I honestly think that pokemon look cooler in the japanese show or game.

No post in forever!!!!! So here is a bunny 👯

#fandomsunited I am a potterhead and a tribute ✌

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