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Y O N G 杨  4.7 feet tall - My lips are the guns . My smile is the trigger . My kisses are the bullets . Label me a killer . Part time BIMBO ; Full time BITCH

My very handsome bro behind th wheels . Thanks for sending me everywhere all th time ! @hteinnnlinnn

Oh well guys ...

No filter needed . This was indeed therapeutic for me . #bambooforest #japan2017

It's an awkward selfie, so what caption should I put? #sakura #japan2017

When you have good lighting, and alone, you take selfies. #tellsomeonewhocares😎

Casual Sunday.

Because at th scariest plant grove on earth : bamBOO forest , you'll never walk alone. Th rest of th people are worried you get eaten. So they must stay close and photobomb me. #japantrip2017

Caps er day all day .

When I was in Japan 🇯🇵 my face cracked and tensed up as if I just had botox ( I presumed that feeling ) I have never used botox . But nonetheless , this bottle of miracle saved me and I'm using it everyday now ! Totes love it @thebodyshop #facialcare #hydratingmist

Cheap thrills ! My undying love for ice cream 😋🍦

Happy birthday girl . 😍😍

Because it's mandatory I try to be pretty sometimes . ♡

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