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I had to run up some pretty steep hills this morning and at the bottom of every one of them I tried to talk myself out of it. I had to keep giving myself pep talks like "come on Analisa you have had to do much harder things than this " or my personal favorite "Quit being a pu$%y"😂 and at the top of every hill after I caught my breath and tried not to puke I realized that the hard part was over and now I got to run downhill. #lifelessons #trailrunning #halfmarathontraining #fuckyouhills

Probably the best cookbook in the land of vegan cookbooks. It makes me cry laugh at every page. It's the best! All my meals will be out of it this week! #thugkitchen #halfwayvegetarian #vegan #iloveanythingwithanfbomb

Marcus started high school yesterday and I bawled like a baby😭 and Adi started Kindergarten today. She was so excited I couldn't ruin it with my tears haha
He was mad about his picture #teenagers and she wanted to wear heels to school👠 #diva #mybabies

Went to sprouts for dairy free chocolate chips and came home with this and no chocolate chips 😐 but I bought hemp seeds and kohlrabi which I've never had so that will be interesting 🤔 I decided to try a new vegetable every week and retry the ones I've always hated. Anybody have any good kohlrabi recipes? #trynewthings #eattherainbow🌈 #halfwayvegetarian

Somedays I'm not in the mood to workout and that's ok but I know if I take off more than one day I'll lose alllll my motivation. So I chug my preworkout and just do it. Today was 25 minutes, anybody can do that right? #motivation #energize #shift #workoutsfromhome

In order to be a better mom, girlfriend, friend, daughter, niece, etc... I have to take care of and love myself first. #selflove #loveyourselffirst

My cute little workout partner and me in my scrubs #storyofmylife #goals #kidsworkingout Round 2 Day 4 #shiftshop

This was my cute little workout helper yesterday, he kept stealing my water😆#latergram #shift

I haven't got a haircut in almost 2 years🙈 yeah I know I spend my paychecks on food mostly 😂 anyway I think it's time. Everytime my hair gets long I want to chop it so length wise left or right? I need some opinions?

Day 1 of #trailrunning training, Day 2 of Round 2 of #shiftshop and Day 2 of going #meatless. Gosh that's a lot.
1st thing-I don't miss meat
2nd- I am #halfmarathontraining for the last time. As much as accomplishing one makes me feel fantastic my body says otherwise. I'm sticking to 5ks and 10ks from now on! #runner #runningmom #vegetarianism

7.5 inches down from round 1 of #shiftshop. It doesn't look like much of a difference but 2.5 inches were just off my hips! It's fun watching my body change. Off to round ✌ there's still time if anyone wants to join! #fitmom #fitness #workoutsfromhome #shift

Georgetown half marathon done! My friend hurt her foot so I walked with her the last mile and a half but I still beat my last time💪 #halfmarathon #georgetowncolorado #runningmom #runner

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