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Banana Gelatin III  Headphones are cool.

I told her to stand in front of the speaker so our son hears and loves music. She held it up to her belly. And my heart melted.

Sometimes you just gotta do work.

Got to see my favorite musician tonight. At least my favorite living one, that is.

I wanted a single-column, paragraph form, large-size, imitation leather Bible with no study notes or cross-references, no headers within the body of the text, in either NASB or ESV. Somehow @kyliesevy found that tall order for me. Thank you, my bride. You are a Proverbs 31 wife.

Good riddance! #DEBTFREE We will be bringing #babysevy into a debt-free home.

Gotta try on #babysevy's clothes. #dadlife

iPad 1 launch shirt today. Represent. #iPad


A gift from my father-in-law. #babysevy #dadlife @oxygen_is_overrated18 in the background.

#AppleMusic is already figuring out my hodge-podge music preferences. Screaming metal and piano jazz on the same page.


Detriment of the #AppleWatch: Always connected. #dadlife

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