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Ana Cortes  Grad student at NIU. Printmaking Ink Lady Press

Thank you so much @lowlygingerprinter !! I love them so much!! ♡♡♡ I want to frame them.

Happy birthday @naomi_elson !!! You da best!! ♡♡♡

It started with her.
Color litho and chine colle photo
11 in x 14 in
This one is an ode to my mother. Made for the nasty woman portfolio. A real O.G. nasty woman. #lithography #printmaking #NIU #inkladies

My mom and I close to the same age. This is her in her late teens, early 20s. And me a few years back (23ish). Wish I was as smart and brave as she is. ♡♡♡

2 yrs
Wooden chairs, projection

Newest installation. I still see the flaws it has, but overall, I like the way it turned out.

Throwback to when I had bangs and later hated them a few weeks later. (Thinking about cutting all my hair off again) Miss you @sabby_starz.

It's spring. Ugh.

You complete me @handsamwich. Ment to be. #inniesvsoutties

This national siblings day made me realize we need more and better pics of us together. I miss my bothers and sister everyday (and my nephew). ♡♡♡

Thanks @hopsonwalker you were so much fun! Hope you liked the cake! See you soon! :D

Some more of today's gems. Need to come back to the art institute.

Everyone at the demo table.

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