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Miss Understood  *👊Fists or stones won't break my bones, for riot grrrl strengthens me.💪 o+ *👌This product was not tested on animals.🐰

Ending this amazing trip by relaxing at the #BlueLagoon under the #NorthernLights ❤️

Golden Circle waterfalls

A couple of shots of the #NorthernLights . Phone cameras do it absolutely no justice. #AuroraBorealis #NoFilterNeeded

Iceland and her deep blue Atlantic Ocean 🌊

Shot from below

Happy birthday to this little round headed girl ❤️🎉🎂 @bonniebonbonbons

I found a recipe online called "crack cauliflower", made it vegan and damn it is so good! Literally tastes like chicken tender bits. #fooledthecarnivores 😋

OMG cute little hand-made #PeeWeeHerman #ImALonerDottieARebel

Newest piece on the #feminist sleeve. I survived shark week! #girlproblems

Went to the L7: #pretendweredead premier and ended the night at an #L7 pop up show! #shitlist

Oh my god! They seriously played Rebel Grrrl!! #icandiehappynow ❤️ #kathleenhanna

Brownie the 🦁 is helping me pass out candy

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