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Kik: Bambihiding  Sydney AU, 22. 5'5''. HW: 51 kg LW: 38 kg. CW: 48.6 kg 😢 days binge free = 3

48.6 kg but weighed a couple hours later than usual so it's probably just that and not real weight loss. Going to go for a run and try stay strong . 24 days to Xmas . #edsoldiers #edwarriors #fat #edsoldier #recoveringaussies #weight #bingeeatingdisorder #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #ana #fatty

48.8 kg. why won't it shift ffs? For almost 3 yrs I sit at 45-46.8 without worries and now after gaining a little it won't come off !!!! Nothing fits I am so ashamed .

49.1 kg. I woke up feeling lighter, feeling like I for sure lost weight . Then I get on the scales and I've gained . So I try to stay calm and rational and check my measurements instead - same or bigger . Just want to die . What's the point of trying , I'm a failure and there is no way I'll be seeing my family this year .

48.8kg. I knew yesterday's weight wouldn't last but I still want to cry . I want to go home for Xmas I really do . I need to lose not gain . #edsoldiers #edwarriors #recoveringaussies #weight #bingeeatingdisorder #anorexia #ana #fat #edsoldier

Just binged . No purge . Not the worst one ever but I'll gain . And I feel sick sick sick ... Why do I do this ? Need a distraction . #edsoldier #edwarriors #recoveringaussies #edsoldiers #fat #bingeeatingdisorder #anorexia #ana #weight

48.3 kg I am SO confused . Last night I went on a date , had way too much wine , 3 courses plus SO much icecream when we went for dessert . And then scotch ! So I thought today would be GAIN big time , but I lost 700g. ???

Still 49 . Fuck fuck fuck . At this rate I'm not going home for Xmas . Cannot let people see me this way . Also, nothing fits, so there's that . #edsoldiers #eatingdisorder #binge #bingeeatingdisorder #recoveringaussies #hate #fat

49 kg. I didn't really lose 1kg in a day , yesterday's weight was up due to retaining water from my binge. 49 kg is where I've been stuck for a while . 5 kgs above the weight I love, 3kgs above the weight I normally am . But I have been stuck here for so long and I can't get it down ! My face is so chubby I look like a different person , my arms are gross and my stomach has ripples . Hopefully this will be day 2 binge free . I don't want to slip back to anorexia but the bingeing is killing me.

And so it begins . 50.2 kg post binge weight this morning (no purge). Haven't weighed this much in .. Well years. Not since my first recovery. It's over my natural set point . I'm disgusted .

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