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gabs ⛅️  àmate a ti mismo ♥️ tamusa '20 🐾

vente conmigo, solo conmigo

do you even go to tamusa if you don't take mirror selfies in the bathroom?¿ 🤔

mi reina, orar por tu hija por favor...

started at 185 now I'm reppin 245 #werk #needaliftingbelt
also, PSA if you buy me cute leggings, I will love you longtime

I swear if I could just eat right, I'd make so much more gainz... #comeongab #someonecookforme #lowerbellypouch :(((

boy, let's not talk too muchhhh

how am I supposed to pump to this soft music? #tamusa

she makes me happy, best sister in da 🌎♥️ #onlysometimestho #wcw

my hair wild & so am i

I don't remember what I was talking about but I guarantee you we were having fun #tourlife #tamusa #comevisitme

I love this so much... people will never be able to satisfy your heart like God can. Don't waste your time looking for love and trying to be important to someone that God has no plans of you being with. Seek God first and he will send you the one he wants you to be with. In the meantime, work on yourself! Being single is okay, don't let the enemy ever trick you into thinking you need someone to complete you...