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Julie Fei-Fan Balzer  Artist, goofball, vlogger, blogger, author, instructor. Host of Make It Artsy on PBS. #balzerdesigns

The Fire Festival in La Bisbal was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. These photos and videos (swipe left) can't even begin to capture the fear, the chaos, the adrenaline rush, the insanity, the joy, the noise, or the heat of this experience. Sparks flying from large whirling sticks, sparks erupting from hand held torches aimed at your legs, sparks showering down from lines strung between buildings, firecrackers erupting and spraying debris at you mortar-style...laying on the ground in the square looking up at the fireworks at the end almost felt like nothing after a two-hour odyssey of jumping, dodging, screaming, being doused with fire and water, singing, crouching, cowering, running, clapping, celebrating, and dancing. What a gauntlet. What a memory. 🔥 One I will carry with me always. Especially since I have the burns to prove I was there. 😜 Many thanks to my Father and Stepmother @rjbalzer & @trurochick for treating us to so much magic. And thank you to @myhbalzer and @sleights_ for the photos I stole for this post! 😁 #travelsofjulie

Last day in Spain. This trip has been amazing. Full of food, family, and adventures. I'm sure I'll be posting a million pics from the airport wifi tomorrow. Until then, I had a great time: practiced my Spanish, learned a little Catalan, ate too many gelatos, and laughed a lot! 👍 This photo is a view of Salvador Dali's home (see the two silver heads?) in Cadaqués. We hiked down in the hopes of seeing his house, but were turned away because we didn't have reservations. 😞 So we hiked back up and snapped some photos of the beautiful view instead! #travelsofjulie #dalihouse #spain

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote to me asking if I'm okay. I have extremely limited access to internet and that's the only reason I've been silent. I'm more than an hour away from Barcelona and 100% safe. 🙏 My thoughts, like yours, are with the people of #Barcelona.

Hola, España! Landed in Spain today. My first visit. So excited!! #travelsofjulie #spain #begur

Spent the afternoon at the always crowded and never disappointing #BritishMuseum. Highlight: I held a hand axe from 350,000 years ago!! 😱 What a treat!!! #london #travelsofjulie

Thanks for another fabulous day, London!! My feet hurt and my belly is full so it must be time for bed! Until tomorrow.... #travelsofjulie P.S. Swipe left for more photos and/or check out my Instagram Stories!! 😘

So many beautiful buildings with gorgeous -- and often surprising -- details. #lookup #london #travelsofjulie ETA: My friend @smithpres says: In case you were curious, that kind of stone effect is called "vermiculated ashlar" (as in it looks like worms ate it).

#LondonCalling 😜 Happy to be tourists taking all the cheesy photos we can think of! 📷👍 #travelsofjulie PS: Lots more photos and videos in my Instagram stories! (Click on my profile pic.)

Definitely getting in my steps today! 10k and counting. Exploring London on foot and loving all the beautiful buildings. 🙌 #London #travelsofjulie

One more from the #TateModern. I had such a great time. This monumental horse painting is by #SusanRothenberg and I literally gasped when I saw it. 😍 #julielovesart

Ombré house on the Thames. 🙌😍 #london #travelsofjulie

Visited the #TateModern for the first time. So much to think about and be excited by. We spent most of the day there and saw less than half the museum. Loved it. Hope to make it back! 🤞 #london #julielovesart